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Frivolous thought of the night: will the meme that corporations are people make it easier in the coming decades for robots to claim that they're people?

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A reasonably good essay opposing the recent Senate bill to permit indefinite detention of American citizens in the U.S., written by... ready for your head to 'splode?... Rand Paul:

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An insightful first-person account of the UC Davis chancellor being persuaded to leave the building where she had given her press conference. (Because students had surrounded the building she felt scared for her safety)

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is watching the "we will never repeat the terrible mess that were the 2008 Primaries" situation repeat itself...
New Hampshire, Nevada, South Carolina and Florida will all lose half their convention delegates for breaking Republican National Committee rules by holding their nominating contests before their prescribed dates. Senior RNC officials said Friday that there will be no leniency for the rogue states at the August convention.
Um, that convention is in Tampa. Guess what the protest situation will be like if there's anything like the Obama/Clinton race we had in 2008?

Has anyone else read Jonathan Lethem's essay "Radisson Confidential", in the latest issue of Harper's (available online to subscribers only, though there are a few lengthy extracts at )?
It's a somewhat-rambling essay about science fiction conventions, fans, and the "aggrieved outsider" role among SF writers. I found things to disagree with, to file away for further observation, and to shout "yes!" to, and recommend taking a look. It'll be part of his forthcoming book The Ecstacy of Influence.

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Just reading about Bhopal and about the GE Hudson River PCB releases. I seriously want to ask some Republican presidential candidates if they support the death penalty for corporations. After all, Republicans seem intent on treating corporations as people....

Finally, the dozenth time I've gotten this robocall in three months, I listened all the way through as "Rachel from Cardholder Services" told me her "important message about my account" and the fabulous opportunity I have to refinance. After the part about "Act now--this will be the last notice you receive!", she mutters "Press 3 to discontinue receiving future notices." Cross your fingers and hope it works...

How a computer problem gets solved:
* list ebay CD auctions for the evening.
* notice that one photo (Thompson's Symphony No.1) isn't showing up in the item-thumbnail box.
* notice that the same photo is showing up where it's included in the body of the auction listing.
* go back and verify that I spelled everything correctly in the thumbnail field.
* try renaming the photo aa.jpg, uploading it, and telling eBay to use that instead.
* have exactly the same problem.
* look through eBay help.
* re-verify that everything is spelled correctly.
* decide to brave the wait-time for getting through to eBay's help line.
* while waiting, look more closely and notice that what I thought was a period is actually a comma.
* chide myself by posting a public admission of my incompetence to Google+.
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