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Gnus Mug
I've decided to post photos of all my Gnus swag starting with this mug with a metallic gnus.

The mug is not microwaveable and must be hand-washed. The quote says "In a cloud, bones of steel."

+Lars Ingebrigtsen made these and shipped them from Norway.

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beautiful mug and wonderful quip. “In a cloud, bones of steel”
I've got one of those too! Very cool mug, with the unusual materials and enigmatic quote (I've always wondered where that came from)....
Btw what happens if you put it in a dishwasher? [I've never had one so no problem.... >< ]
Googling for the quote reveals it is the complete text of a poem named “Bridge” by Charles Reznikoff.
I've been machine washing this mug for many years and it hasn't faded a bit. I think you got that one wrong, +luis fernandes 
+Alex Schroeder OK, cool. I don't remember whether the mug came with instructions on dishwashing/microwaving or whether it was a discussion on the gnus mailing list.

I don't have a dishwashing machine so it's moot.
I also have that excellent mug and put it in the dishwasher without causing any observable damage. 
I LOVE this mug. Sits next to my monitor.
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