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Good morning everyone!
We know and understand the weather can slow you down or make you not want to leave the house. If you are going to be late or are not going to make your appointment today or tomorrow please call our office and let Kyndel or Danielle know. They can set you up for an appointment next week. We appreciate your understanding in the importance of us having an accurate appointment schedule for other patients who might need to be seen.
Be safe out there everyone!

Good morning!
At some point over the weekend we started experiencing a problem with our email. We currently have no access to it.
We are working with our provider to find out what the problem is and correct it as soon as possible but as of now we can not receive emails and have not see any that have been sent since Friday late afternoon.
Please call the office if you have emailed us and not heard back.
Thank you for your understanding.

For those of you who are not on our email list this missive went out today to anyone who has purchased a prescription diet from us in the past:
Due to space limitations and better inventory control we are going to be changing our ordering system for pet food carried in the clinic. We will be doing away with the Reorder When Sold program. 
What this means for you is if your pet is currently on an RX Food that you normally just come into the clinic and pick up you will now need to call into the clinic and order the food when you are running low.
We currently place our food orders before business hours on Tuesday mornings, which means you will need to call in on Monday the week before you need food. Please make sure you call in the week before food is needed; orders are shipped from different facilities in the US via UPS, making the delivery date not the same every week. This way you are sure to have the food before you run out. 
While we will still keep some diets in stock there will be no guarantees that we have the item you need when you need it if you do not order it the week before.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this might cause you, thank you for understanding and working with us as we make this transition. Please call if you have any questions. Thank you!

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We are no longer taking emergencies on weekends and holidays. All of our patients will be referred to Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center of Northern Arizona! We are really loving what they are doing over there. Feel free to check out their website and offices! #veterinarian   #emergency   #Flagstaff   #petcare   #pethealth  

Unfortunately we discovered this morning that there has been a problem with our phone system and our voicemail is not connecting. We are working on getting that fixed right now and we are very sorry for any inconvenience this caused for people trying to call in last night.

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Henri the Bookmans border collie recommends her fave books about dogs for humans. Celebrate Animal Welfare month and bring in your furry canine companion to visit our stores. Woof woof!

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June is Parvo Awareness Month. We have already seen 3 cases in our clinic and know of several others in town. Please take a few minutes to read our monthly newsletter on the website to know what to look for. You can also pick up a hard copy of the newsletter in our office. 
‪#‎Flagstaff‬ ‪#‎Veterinary‬ ‪#‎Canines‬ ‪#‎Parvo‬

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What lovely flowers!! Yesterday our friends at High Country Puppy Rescue brought these to the office yesterday! They sure do brighten our office!   #Flagstaff   #Veterinarian   #Flowers   #HappyLife  

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Have you heard the news?! The Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center of Northern Arizona has an official open date! 
They will be hosting an open house in mid-late June, we will let you know when we have more details on that. #veterinary   #emergency   #Flagstaff   #NorthernArizona   #AfterHoursCare  

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May is Flea and Tick awareness month! Many people think the do not have to worry about it living in Flagstaff but we do have pockets in our area were they are a problem. Please read up on why they are a concern for your pets safety as well as how to treat/prevent an infestation. #Frontline   #Veterinary   #Nexgard   #Flagstaff   #Arizona   #Fleas   #Ticks   #Westside  
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