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Any freelance translators use oDesk? Might be worth a look.

Great website. Very user friendly and accessible!

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Workshop for Nokia devs RT Oleksandr Pysaryuk: Localising apps for new Nokia Asha phones (25Sep 3pmUTC):

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Three reasons localization might be right for you

Do technology, language, and a challenging international environment sound interesting? 

#translation   #localization   #jobsfacts  

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Managing expectations and educating the client can go horribly, horribly wrong...
Unfortunately, translation memory is not magical

But some clients seem to think it is. Have you had experiences where clients expect a tool to solve problems it wasn't designed to tackle?

According to one client, translation memory also doubles as terminology management. It also counts as a document of record. It also never contains mistakes and is able to self-adjust for context. It is self-aware. It is smarter than translators. It is smarter than us. The only thing it isn't smarter than is the client. True story!

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A welcome new feature for Google+ comments. Facebook has been doing this for a while. Glad to see another platform facilitate dialog between users who speak various languages. 

h/t +Oleksandr Pysaryuk 
I'm happy to announce a new feature for G+:

Translate Google+ posts and comments with Google Translate

Whenever there's a public post or comment that isn’t in your language, you'll now see a "Translate" link underneath the text. Clicking the link translates the text in-line, and clicking again returns to the original. (You can set/check your language prefences here: )

The Google Translate team is always working to make information more accessible to individuals around the world. In Google+ this means bringing people together regardless of their written language, and breaking down language barriers that can limit the exchange of ideas.

We’re rolling out the feature gradually on desktop, so look for the new “Translate” link, and let us know your thoughts!


+Ed Chi & +Lichan Hong 

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A little [more] translation humor. Always good to find translators who are proficient in CAT tools, even if the tools can be unwieldy at times. 

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If you are an aspiring translator, consider building your portfolio using Webflakes

From the Webflakes website: Be part of an international community that supports a global cause of liberating content from the boundaries of language. In return, for every article you translate, we'll make a donation to the charity of your choice.

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To localize or not to localize? Many Japanese games appeal to only a niche audience in the United States. What criteria are considered when deciding whether to bring a game state side?

Every game is first evaluated by us as gamers on if it is, or likely will be, fun to play," Marvelous USA executive vice president Ken Berry told Polygon. "From there we get into the business aspect of it where we try to determine how likely our chances of getting the license will be, a huge part of which depends on who the IP holder is, and then try to guesstimate on if the title has a realistic chance to meet the sales numbers that we would need in order to be able to justify the licensing and localization costs."

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This community is a great place to discuss localization and all topics surrounding it. It is a moderated community (spam free!) where serious discussion is encouraged. Hope to see you there!

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Here is +Fernando D. Walker's story about making the transition from student to professional translator.
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