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Saul Hansell
Building Sii.TV, a fresh approach to TV news news.
Building Sii.TV, a fresh approach to TV news news.

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Hello everybody-- If I'm going to start blogging again regularly, should I use Tumblr or Medium or WordPress?

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Not what I usually see at the bus stop in the morning.

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My dear cousin, Jim Hansell, died far too young over the weekend as a result of complications from Amyloidosis, a blood disorder. His warmth, wisdom and wit will long shine brightly in all who knew him, especially in the proud memories of his wife, Andy Goodman Hansell, and two children, Julie Hansell and Adam Hansell. 

Join me, if you can, in Julie's marathon to support the cutting edge Amyloidosis and treatment at Boston University Medical Center.

Heading to San Francisco area next week (4/22-4/27) to show off our really sexy new Sii.TV software and prototype personalized newscast to my dear friends and fans on Sand Hill Road and environs. 
(Note to self: What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.)

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Good NYT story about my dear friend Dimitri Mobengo Mugianis who has thrown his powerful creativity and passion into healing all of us, starting in East Harlem.

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An excellent description of Sii.TV in Multichannel News

"What do you get when you cross-breed the Huffington Post, Time Warner Cable’s NY1 news wheel and Pandora?"

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Saul Hansell hung out with 7 people.Daniel Arcé, Jason Fields, Chriande Flecheiros, ismael idrissi, Mike Downes, nab westpach, and Vick Pal

Annemarie Roeper, the co founder with her husband George Roeper of the Roeper School in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, a place of improbable magic that has nurtured and inspired several generations, died today. She was 93.

Roeper was a private school, a leader in progressive education, an accommodating home for kids who didn't fit elsewhere, a family, a perpetual debating society about the meaning of humanism and in the best way a religious cult.

George and Annemarie, escaped from Nazi Germany, built a school devoted to respecting the dignity of individuals and the shared responsibility of communities. No one was too small to contribute nor too big to listen.

I attended from four to eighteen. And in my graduating class of 35 people, half of us had been there for a decade or longer. The students and teachers I was with remain among my closest friends. And the experiences I have shaped my personality and worldview as much as anything in my life.

Trying to make a google hangout work. Seems cool.
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