Nexus One Users
How do you combat the low internal storage space for applications? I feel like Solomon every time I download something new because it means something else has to go. Not enough apps allow you to move them to the SD card; the Google apps are the worst, most bloated offenders in this regard.

While I'm complaining:
It turns itself off when I drop it, even from just an inch and a half high as I fumble to pick it up off a table.
Google Music/Google Listen will start to play when I unplug my headphones, even if I didn't have those apps open.
Registering on the network or switching from 3G to 2G is often wonky (thought this is probably just a me/T-Mobile thing).

That said, I love the phone and hope I can upgrade it to Ice Cream Sandwich because I like the form factor a lot more than the Galaxy Nexus. cf.
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