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Bruce “Dr. Bruce Hugh Dorman MD” Dorman
Dr. Bruce Hugh Dorman - Anesthesiologist and Professor
Dr. Bruce Hugh Dorman - Anesthesiologist and Professor


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The AHA Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine

A longtime anesthesiologist in North and South Carolina, Dr. Bruce Hugh Dorman received his MD from Duke University School of Medicine. After completing his MD, Dr. Bruce Hugh Dorman went on to receive numerous research grants from the American Heart Association (AHA).

The oldest national organization dedicated to the study of stroke and heart disease, the AHA sponsors a broad range of research initiatives, including the Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine. Designed to improve cardiovascular health at both the individual and population levels, the institute began by organizing the Cardiovascular Genome-Phenome Study. The study used a collaborative approach to understand cardiovascular disease trends among various populations, leveraging precision molecular analysis to assess therapeutic needs and risk profiles.

The Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine offers research awards such as Institute Innovative Development Grants, which focus primarily on data analysis tools and novel approaches to cardiovascular risk assessment. Researchers may also apply for data mining grants, which help them analyze existing data sets for undiscovered trends and associations.
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