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All work and no play makes Bill a dull boy.
All work and no play makes Bill a dull boy.

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Just watched a video review of FrontierSpace. I guess I'm a sexist now because I use male pronouns for genderless/generic writings like I was taught in school. Do I need to try my hardest to get used to and accept singular use of "they" now? I mean... I can if I must... and it looks like APA and Chicago writing styles are beginning to make cases for it (though I can't find a citation in their writing guides saying it's okay quite yet)... just looks wrong in writing.

btw - although I'm loathe to respond to such nonsense accusations - I am not a sexist.

#BareBonesFantasy 2nd Edition discussion...

For BBF2e, I've created two new skills: Diplomat (containing persuasion, interrogation/questioning, haggling, and taunting) and Marksman (still in progress, but I didn't like that Warrior had two skill scores and so broke ranged combat out to its own skill). Now I have my sights on the Leader skill...

Do you like it as-is? Do you use it? It's unique among the BBF skills in its mechanics, and because of that it's complicated to use at the table. But that doesn't mean it's bad... or is it? I'd like to hear your thoughts... so speak up! No worries - I have thick skin, and have evolved a lot as a game designer, so I'm eager to hear truth.

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For those of you jumping ship to MeWe, here's the DwD Studios group I made for discussion of our various games...

Hey +Gavin Norman -- I have my PDF+Print copies of books 1-4 in my wishlist, waiting for the last book - the Treasure one if I understand correctly... when will it be ready? I'm eager to buy 'em all in one fell swoop!

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"MEASURE" reminds me of a great MLK Jr quote.....

Been playing Labyrinth Lord for quite a while with the family. Hard sell me on the difference?

What about witches? During the 1600-1800s belief in witches was widely held. Witches were blamed for all manner of bad events from inclimate weather for planned expeditions to failed crops or rat infestations in granaries.

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Here is a better view of my efforts to make a durable version of the Great Kahn Game. Game board is a neoprene mat. Like a mouse pad. Card art is scanned at 600dpi then downsampled to 300dpi after sizing and aligning as I wished. Cards are nearly perfect recreations... I avoided temptations to color-code and make better icons and whatnot. Tokens are thick and weighty. I ordered an 8”x4” 60pt chipboard rules summary board but that won’t be here for a couple weeks. Sorry for poor lighting in pics; as +Mark Mizak can attest my overhead dining room light needs some brighter bulbs!!
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Continuing in my spare time to pimp out my copy of the Great Khan Game. I have printed the board on a very large neoprene mouse-pad-like mat (it looks fantastic!) and have created large durable tokens for player control markers (with icon stickers). I'm using Realm Coins for the gold. I created the large deck of 164 cards with nice glossy linen finish. I even have 20 simple spotted d6's in a small black drawstring felt bag. All in all I'm really happy. Last piece of the puzzle is the following player reference card. Unlike the original game, this reference card includes turn order summary and a summary of the magic system, as well as some extra details for battle. This will be a thick 60pt chipboard 4"x8" double-sided with the same details on both sides. I'll share pics of my pimped out game when I get a chance. If anyone's interested!

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+matt jackson had a great idea. We should all put this logo somewhere in plain view of the sidewalk in front of our homes. Let others know we're gamers. Would make it a heck of a lot easier to find folks!
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