COME AND JOIN OUR 5TH CIRCLE NEXT WEEK!!! If you want to be added to the next circle, please read this post carefully and follow the rules below:

#1: Share our blogger circle v4 to your profile: (
Please note: You are NOT sharing this post you are reading right now, you need to visit and share the post linked above.
#2: Add your blog URL to the comments below. That's ALL :)

PS: if you are already in V4, you don't need to add your blog URL below. You only need to share V4 and comment 'done'.

Tues, Feb 11 / 9PM PST
Wed, Feb 12 / 12AM EST
Wed, Feb 12 / 5AM UTC

Bloggers of Google Plus V5 WILL BE LIVE next Wednesday.

Thank you so much!!! :-)
+David Leonhardt / +Ralf Skirr / +Pauline Cabrera 
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