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Adam Piotrowski
Lover of many things. Tacoholic. Pisces. Accentless Minnesotan.
Lover of many things. Tacoholic. Pisces. Accentless Minnesotan.

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Looks like Apple iOS may finally be passing referrer data. As of late last night I'm seeing a big shift in analytics tracking for iPhone traffic moving from Direct to Google. Anyone else seeing the same?

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Loving today's hockey Google Doodle

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Good find and great points from +Wil Reynolds 
You know why this world needs SEO???  

Because it just took me 10 minutes and about 15 queries to find something I read 3 weeks ago.  

In a world where information overload runs rampant, and bookmarking stuff DOESNT, finding your old tweets, old reads, etc is VERY difficult.  If I as a professional surfer / searcher can't find this post after searching all over for it, the normal every day person must have a VERY hard time.  

This got me thinking...

The reason why SEO is critical is because I thougth this was a top hotels post, not an award, so my searchers for 
best hotels 2012
best hotels 2012 new york times
best hotels in the world
top 100 hotels
etc etc etc never turned up what I wanted,

A few more keyword on the page, in titles, and in links makes this AWESOME asset more findable.

While internet marketers think bookmarking, diigo it, add it to delicious, etc...the other 99.99% don't...maybe, just maybe that is part of the job of an SEO, to help the GOOD things our clients produce most easily be found. Looking at the piece by fodors, is an SEO's dream, everything from architecture, to keyword research, to maximizing the links.  Notice how 2011's awards ( don't even link to 2012.

This is not to bash +fodorstravel all (wish they were active on G+) but how does something THAT well done get this few social shares and links?? - 

Ahhh my friends 2013 is gonna be a fun one for us in the SEO space, I'm looking forward to it!!

Not to mention this is another case for personalized search, but that is for another day, now let me get back to what I was search for in the first place...planning 4 weeks in europe!

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Two weeks into 2013 and nearly 30% of people have already given up on plans of self-improvement this year.

My 2nd infographic on +Livestrong Com 

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+Google announced today that Google+ has passed 500 million members, and there are 135 million actively visiting the social network each month.

Google's SVP +Vic Gundotra described Google+ today as "the fastest growing network thingy ever."

Pretty cool, right?

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Heading into its second year, Google+ has continued to grow as a way for Google to add a social “spine” to its products as well as become a standalone social destination in its own right. In this keynote conversation, Marketing Land editor-in-chief Danny Sullivan will talk with Vic Gundotra, who oversees all of Google’s social efforts, about the progress of Google+ in 2012 and what 2013 may hold.

Join us today by tuning in to the Google+ On Air Hangout here on our SMX Google+ page!

We also encourage you to use the #smx #2key hashtags to join the discussion.

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I'm a little torn on this. On the one hand, hosting a big event like the marathon and pushing on is a great way to boost morale after all that's happened, but on the other hand, could the generators powering tents and resources organizing the event be better used in some other capacity right now?

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Did you know that Americans buy 90 million pounds of chocolate on Halloween?

My first contribution to +LIVESTRONG.COM :

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Star Wars Episodes 7-9 coming soon to a theater near you?
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