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Andrew Martin

I haven't seen much on what people have been doing with The Horde, so I wanted to get some feedback on the ideas I have so far and crowd-source some interesting additions. So without further ado:


Turf: Hidden grottos in the underground canals

NPCs: Brother & Sister--siblings in life, partners in undeath

Quirks: Brother and Sister are vampires who run a local Empty Vessel cult. The cultists believe them to be hollows animated by their forgotten god and speaking its will. The Empty Vessel accepts the charade because the vampires keep it supplied with a steady diet of sacrifices by ritually hollowing "the unclean," a broad category that includes cultists seeking to purify themselves and enemies of the cult that need to be removed. Once a person is hollowed, the Empty Vessel has no further interest in what is left, allowing Brother and Sister to slowly accumulate an army of the un-living. They are able to command any hollow they have branded as a member of The Horde and all the hollows of The Horde count as having been ritually prepared to become vampires if possessed by either Brother or Sister, providing an enormous supply of disposable bodies and interchangeable personas for the vampires.

Allies: The Forgotten Gods

Enemies: The Gondoliers, The Spirit Wardens

Now here is the question, what is it that Brother & Sister desire? How do they exploit their power over the hollowed Horde?
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