[Best of review] ASUS Transformer Book T100TA-C1-GR Hand-on & Unbox
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Customer review:
This has got to be one of the best tech values besides the Nexus 5 and Nokia 520. Fro $350-400, you get a FULL FEATURED 10 inch Windows 8 tablet that comes with a keyboard dock! Tablet one second, netbook the other! Its a fantastic device that gets 5 stars for its superb value alone!

+ Great screen! People online may gripe on the 720p display, but you'll never notice using it
+ Battery life: Took it off the charger 7am this morning, and been using it straight since browsing the internet, viewing several Youtube videos both on Flash and Metrotube app, reading PDFs with Bluetooth and Webcam on. Now at 4pm, and still have 40% on the tank! Definetly liberating from netbooks where under clocking underpowered devices was a necessity to get that battery life. About as good as my iPad.
+The Speakers! As an iPad owner, I'm impressed. Very clear and very loud. definitely betrays their size. I've never had reason to crank it up past 50% so far.
+ FULL WINDOWS 8.1! This can't be said enough. I think almost everyone who has bought a Netbook did so to get a full Windows experience in a relatively portable format, where I do not feel afraid to use the device on a subway, and doesn't require me to bring a charger.
+ This things a BEAST for its size. Wana watch a flash Youtube video while browsing the net on the same screen? No problem! Wana do some photo editing while watching said video? No sweat! Everything is buttery smooth on Bay Trail. Hell, it seems faster than my Core2Duo 2009 White Macbook that I've been using as my primary computer (very happily especially with Mavericks) for 4 years now.
+ MicroSD card slot: Format it so NTFS, and you have an additional 32-64GB Hard Drive, so space no longer becomes a big issue.

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