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Following Jesus, wherever He leads.
Following Jesus, wherever He leads.

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High Country Living is Live!
My new website, High Country is now live! There is still a lot to add to it, but I wanted to get it out there. High Country Living will focus on high-altitude gardening, raising ducks and recipes adjusted for high altitude. It will primarily be i...

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Coming Soon...
I am working on a new website which will focus on our upcoming garden projects at our new home in Guffey. Much of the focus will be what we are learning about gardening at high altitude. Things will be different at 9,000 feet (almost 4,000 feet higher than ...

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Garden Planning for 2017
We've begun planning for our new garden! Tim and I have been reading up on high-altitude gardening, to be aware of where to put the garden, how to lay it out, and what to be prepared for. We want to have a pretty good idea of the big picture soon, as I want...

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Six-Pack Grows Up
The "baby" ducklings are now 9 weeks old, and all grown up! Nine Weeks Old We just have the six ducks now. We gave away the two remaining Golden Cascades. It just seemed easier to deal with feeding and caring for the six young'uns. When we took the six-pack...

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The Six-Pack
Our six-pack of ducklings arrived safely, and all are alive and well. It's fun to have a variety of sizes and colors. And heeeeere they are! Quite a photogenic bunch, I would say. Whitey - White Layer Blackie - Cayuga Fawn - Fawn & White Runner Chocka (or m...

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Ducklings Have Arrived!
Two days old, and pretty darn photogenic! Whitey (White Layer) Blackie - Cayuga Fawn - Fawn & White Runner Chocka (or Cocoa, Mocha, or Latte) - Chocolate Runner Harley - Welsh Harlequin Quinn - Welsh Harlequin

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Duck Update
It's been a long time... We now have just two of the Golden Cascades, Gertrude and Spot . After dealing with the prolapsed oviduct issues with Bess , then with Gertrude  and Ellie May, we decided to remove Wily, our drake, from the flock in April. We weren'...

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Two Years Later
This photo, taken this morning, is what the property looks like now, just 2 years after the above banner photo, which was taken just before we bought the property. We have really enjoyed our home and property, and are still amazed that we live HERE! It's be...

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The Results Are IN!
Goldie's DNA results are in! She is........drumroll............ 50% German Shepherd (to Tim's delight) 25% Boxer 12.5% American Staffordshire Terrier 12.5% American Bulldog (but "iffy" on this one, may be a mix) Now that we know, we can see the German Sheph...

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Gertrude's Progress
Gertrude's problems with her prolapsed oviduct continue. We had her in "lock-up", the darkened duck house, separated from the other ducks, for three days. She continued looking good, so I let her out to join her friends. After two days, the prolapse re-appe...
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