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Kristen Beireis
Marketing Expert, Singer/Actress & Life Enthusiast. Life was meant to be enjoyed.
Marketing Expert, Singer/Actress & Life Enthusiast. Life was meant to be enjoyed.

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Do you want to turn up the impact you have when you talk about your business? Some feedback as market research can do a lot for understanding what really gets people's attention. If you want to turn up your impact in 2017, then you'll want to attend the Feb 9 Differentiate Your Coaching Biz Workshop.  Register now at .

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This!  This is what I've been saying for 3 years!  Marketing as we know it is not working.  We have to shift into a new way of marketing.  It's not MARKETING at all.  It's conversations, referrals and being human.  Brands will not survive.  People will.  

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Who wants a FREE 2 hour Workshop to help you get focused in biz for 2016? ‪#‎SOSIntervention‬ is Dec 9!

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Added photos to The FREE Shiny Object Syndrome Intervention Virtual Workshop..

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Creating ease and focus so your business will thrive in 2016.
Register at:

Once upon a time two women with similar German last names that no one can pronounce, met in Richmond, Indiana to discover more about each other’s business coaching  expertise.   They had lots of fun talking with each other and time passed quickly.  3 hours into their conversation they started whining about how they see so many Heart-Based Entrepreneurs getting sucked into Shiny Object Syndrome.  Then it hit them.  “Hey, maybe we should stop whining and DO something about this epidemic in our industry.”  And so they did. 

That's where the idea for an industry intervention came from and you are officially invited to attend. For FREE! Here is the summary version (read below that if you need more information).

Event: Shiny Object Syndrome Intervention Virtual Workshop: Creating ease and focus so your business will thrive in 2016

Date: December 9, 2015

Time: 3pm-5pm Eastern (12pm-2pm Pacific)

NO RECORDING: Show up live so this does not become another contribution to your Shiny Object Syndrome. 

Place: Virtual (dial-in details and worksheet will be sent the week of registration)

Cost: FREE

Purpose: To prevent jumping from one thing to the next in search of something that will work to grow your business (aka Shiny Object Syndrome)

Take-Away: One thing you can focus on through 2016 that will keep you in alignment and narrow down your options, so you will move forward in action without overwhelm.

The FREE Shiny Object Syndrome Intervention Virtual Workshop
Creating ease and focus so your business will thrive in 2016

We are Kristen Beireis and Margie Beiswanger, Marketing and Business Experts who specialize in working with Heart-Based Business owners who are craving an easier way to move their business forward.

After this workshop, you’ll be prepared to move through 2016 with simplicity and ease.  You’ll know exactly what to say “yes” to because you’ll know exactly what will work best for you. 

No. This is NOT a marketing ploy!

You will not be signed up for our lists.  We will not be selling anything on this call.  We are doing this as a service to our industry and nothing more.  You will receive written information about our businesses attached to our worksheets, in case you do want to work with either of us.  This workshop is jam packed with learning and growing.  Nothing more.  

Are you ready to stop jumping around so you can focus in 2016?
Then sign up for the #SOSIntervention!


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I'm madly in love with cannoli, but with the high carb count...oof!  I can't eat much...until now!  I made a low-carb (10g) cannoli filling dessert. Get the recipe.  

So, I wrote my "Icebreaker" speech for Toastmasters.  It's an almost 6 minute introduction of me and my three addictions (Musical Theater, Tie-Dye and Enjoying Life).  I'm considering recording it, adding it to my youtube channel and posting it on my About page and Facebook page.  Any other ideas of where to post an introduction to me vid?  Have any of you Toastmasters used your speeches as videos for marketing?

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I love Christmas Cookies!  However, that's been a difficult thing to have in the house since I was diagnosed with Diabetes.  Here's the alternative I came up with this year. 

It's audition day!  Tonight I get to be Diane in "Next To Normal" for one minute.  

Auditions are marketing...did you know that? Marketing is "The act of promoting services." I have the services of singing and acting to offer. I promote it by preparing a 1 minute song and singing/acting it in front of the casting hopes that they will buy into me being exactly who they are looking for.  Sound familiar?  Same concept as doing a sample  of your services to potential clients whom you hope will buy into you being exactly who they are looking for.  #ManyShadesOfMarketing 
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