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There is a global meditation planned for the Solar Eclipse this Monday, August 21st that starts at 11:11AM Pacific Time. You can find out more information here:

I fully believe that this will be the most massive global meditation that has ever happened on Earth. If you wish to see this world change for the better this is an opportunity to participate in something that can be a catalyst for that change to spring forward.

We are all extremely powerful beings that have the ability to create and alter our own realities. But even more so, when hundreds of thousands to millions of people all collectively put their intentions on peace, love, unity, & freedom at the same time… this can not only change the reality of one individual, but the collective reality and consciousness of the entire planet & all beings living here.

Have a great weekend & let’s make this global meditation epic!

#Meditation #Peace #Unity #love #change #global

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Mr. Checkpoint Giveaway Time! This time we are giving away a Police Scanner + $20 Uber Credit + $20 Lyft Credit. Winner gets all 3!

Enter here:

After you follow us on Instagram, more options will be available for additional entries. Good luck!

#Giveaway #Summer #police #scanner #uber #Lyft #credit #dui #checkpoint #free #stuff #LosAngeles #california #LA #socal

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GoFundMe for helping get water to the animals in Kenya during the really bad drought that is still happening right now:

#drought #africa #kenya #water

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Uber or Lyft Gift Card Giveaway!

Ends Nov 22nd, cards given out on the 23rd right in time for the upcoming holiday :)

Enter the Giveaway here:

#giveaway #giftcard #uber #lyft #holiday #thanksgiving

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I found an awesome iTunes app that you can borrow some cash! It's called Float Credit. Take a look at the app here:

Benefits of using Float Credit:
-0% interest, only a simple, affordable 5% transfer fee.
-Instant access to credit – anytime, anywhere.
-Become a Float member for free in less than 180 seconds.
-No risk involved in applying; even if you're rejected it will not affect your credit score.

Take a look at the app here:

Great to use for:
-Students needing cash to pay bills, buy books, & other student expenses
-Medical Bills
-Starting a side hustle or small business
-Car repair, car payment, new car
-Pay rent
-Not risking the relationship or embarrassment of asking friends and family for money
-Holiday cash
-Pay Taxes
-Moving expenses
-And whatever else you may need some cash floated to you for!

Download & try it out:

#cash #loan #borrow #money #personal #biz #student #debt
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What do you know about 4D?


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Anyone on my feed play any #Android or #GooglePlay Player Vs Player games? I'm building a new website for Android PVP Games and could use some help getting some games on there and reviews. Let me know if there's any games you are currently playing that you would be able to write a little review about. Thanks!

#Games #Gaming
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