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Everyday is a different day when fishing for the Hawaiian Bonefish. After guiding a few days in a row and the physical and mental exhaustion sets in, us guides need to decompress! So we often go fishing. We take the boat to areas we normally wouldn't go with clients and we search for schools of bonefish.

This was the case on Saturday. We headed to Hawaii Kai and launched the boat. With a short window of tide, we set the drift with parachute and fished along the flats. At first only seeing a few fish, and then we finally found the area where the fish were hanging out. We fish the area and fished it hard. The winds were blowing at 25 knots. Cast after cast, the fish would come up bite and spit the hook, or just turn around. With the window of tide draining and all hopes of driving back up wind closing, we tried a few more times with no luck.

What went wrong? Where the flies heavy enough? Maybe it is the color of the fly? Of course the flies work! But we often go back to the fly tying desk and tie something different for the area and tide we just fished.

It is Monday now and the sun is out and the winds are light. Contemplating going back to the same area.

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Fly Fishing in Hawaii. What do you catch and where?
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