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Andrew Parrish
A longtime fan of metal dedicated to the promotion of real death metal.
A longtime fan of metal dedicated to the promotion of real death metal.

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Steel Bearing Hand "Steel Bearing Hand" 2015 Razorback Recordings
Crawling out of the swampy graveyards of Dallas, Texas comes Steel Bearing Hand and their brand of thrashing death metal. At times, the band has riffs that remind me of NunSlaughter, Whiplash, Autopsy, Incantation, and Razor, but it all becomes a killer mus...

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VHS "Screaming Mad Gore" 2016 Splatter Zombie Records
This is such a good year for death metal. Surgikill, Embalmer, Torture Rack, Smut, and so many others have given us excellent albums, and they just keep coming. The analog-horror-obsessed VHS is one of my favorite bands going right now, and I purposely held...

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Atrocious Abnormality "Formed in Disgust" 2016 Comatose Music
Atrocious Abnormality have returned after most of a decade to bring us their second album, which is in every possible way an improvement on their previous material. I remember being very bored by their first record (so much so that I almost didn't listen to...

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Surgikill "Sanguinary Revelations" 2016 FDA Rekotz
Hot on the heels of a well-received promo tape that was belched forth from the deepest of graves late last year, Surgikill has returned with a monolithic record, Sanguinary Revelations . It descended on my eardrums via the CD from FDA Rekotz, and soon to co...

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Smut "Slop" 2016 Splatter Zombie Records
Starting with a suitably gross sample of gurgles, grunts and grossness, Smut kicks things into high gear and never lets up for the duration of the 13 tracks that makes up Slop . It oozes and churns as much as it blasts and thrashes, making for a listen that...

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Casket Robbery "Evolution of Evil" 2016 Mortal Music
When I decide on albums to pull off the pile to review, they have to be remarkable in some way. Most of what I've reviewed of late has been remarkable in very good ways, and some releases have been absolutely amazing. The new offering from Casket Robbery, h...

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Cadaveric Poison "Cadaveric Poison" 2016 Metal On Metal Records
I had anticipated this release since I heard about it, since Master is one of my favorite bands (their self-titled album ranks within my top 20 ever). Paul Speckmann is delivering the vocals here, and he does exactly what I expect with his trademark deliver...

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Torture Rack "Barbaric Persecution" 2015 Headsplit Records
I bought this purely based on the description on Headsplit's store site, which reads thus: "The much anticipated debut full length from Portland, Oregon death metal executioners! Chock full of old school death metal sound and attitude. You will want to give...

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Bode Preto "Mystic Massacre" 2015 Iron Tyrant Records
From the steaming pits of Brazil comes Bode Preto, an excellent band that rides the fine line between black metal and death metal just like so many of their countrymen. Stylistically, they remind me of a cross between early Sarcofago and aggressive De Myste...

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Gravewurm "Doomed to Eternity" 2015 Hells Headbangers Records
What can I really say about Gravewurm that hasn't been said already? They're one of the longest-running black/death metal bands in the United States, and my home state of Ohio is proud to claim them for its own. I began my history with this band around 2002...
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