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Thinking about Email Marketing?

Our rep at Constant Contact, Brett, let us know that when you set up a new account through our partnership console, we can submit a “website match” request to Constant Contact. The submission entitles you to one FREE custom designed template that mimics your website… this is a fairly new service they provide to partners. Ask Kelly about it!

We'd love to help you begin using Email Marketing. We can set up your account and let you work your magic... and we can go as far as to send your emails for you! Kelly also provides one-on-one training if you need a little guidance.

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Check out our latest Tech Tip on enhancing your Microsoft Outlook Email Signature... by the way, notice anything different about our website?

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Tell us what you are doing today to strike, if anything. We're interested to hear your thoughts. Learn more here: and you can watch an interesting video and sign the petition at

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