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If a cat's got your tongue and curiosity killed the cat, how do you get your tongue back?
If a cat's got your tongue and curiosity killed the cat, how do you get your tongue back?

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Check it out fellow geeks. The Canadian Mint has issued a legal tender $20CAN 1 ounce silver coin commemorating Star Trek. That's equivalent to around $15.60US. There are only 150,000 left.

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JUNE 7, 2012
Struggling to Fill No. 2 Post, Al-Qaeda Resorts to LinkedIn
Desperate Times for Terror Group’s HR Dept.

KARACHI (The Borowitz Report) – President Barack Obama has created one job that is proving difficult to fill: the No. 2 post at al-Qaeda.

That’s what they’re saying at the global terror group, whose Human Resources department has recently turned to the social networking site LinkedIn in hopes of filling the slot.

“It used to be that madmen would just walk through the door hoping for a crack at seventy-two virgins,” says Hassad el-Medfaii, director of HR for al-Qaeda.  “Now we have to go looking for these guys, and they all want dental.”

Complicating the terror group’s recruitment efforts for the tricky-to-fill No. 2 position: the recent publicity about President Obama’s so-called “kill list,” which the HR director calls “a big turn-off for a lot of applicants.”

“I’ve had to sit down with them and tell them that the kill list has been totally overblown,” he says.  “No one’s talking about the list of all the people they’ve missed.  It’s way longer.”

Mr. el-Medfaii says that he has spent a lot of time on LinkedIn over the last week “trying to spread the good news about working for al-Qaeda.”

“This is a great job for anyone who likes to travel, especially back and forth between Pakistan and Afghanistan,” he says.  “Plus – and I’m really trying to get the word out about this – we have one of the biggest caches of porn in the world.”

While he says that he has found some “promising candidates” on LinkedIn for the No. 2 position at al-Qaeda, he and his staff are taking extra care in vetting resumes.

“We don’t want to find ourselves in the same kind of mess Yahoo is in,” he says

"I envy you. You North Americans are very lucky. You are fighting the most important fight of all - you live in the heart of the beast." -- Che Guevara

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It's a sad day for we "old" geeks. I discovered Ray back in 1974. He's one of the few authors whose books I read more than once.
My friend Ray Bradbury passed away this morning. While 91 is certainly a ripe and full age, especially for a revered figure who leaves behind a vast and highly-esteemed legacy, there is still a certain bittersweet, knowing that he worked until the very end. Science-fiction authors never retire, you see. The need to spin yarns — to weave dreams about tomorrow — is always the last thing to go.
Ray was the last living member of a “BACH” quartet — writers who transformed science fiction from a pulp magazine ghetto into a genre for hardcover best-sellers. Isaac Asimov, Arthur Clarke and Robert Heinlein helped shatter barriers for the rest of us, establishing the legitimacy of literature that explores possible or plausible tomorrows. But it was Bradbury who made clear to everyone that science fiction can be art. An art form combining boldness and broad horizons with sheer, unadulterated beauty.
And love. Ray always spoke of it. Love of possibilities and imagination. Love of language, the rolling of phrases off tongue and pen. Also hope, without which, love is sterile.

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No extra words from me are needed.

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Save yourself some money here. I'm going to build one today for my GNex.

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Check this out. Some high school students in Wash. State made this. They are a non-profit company. They earn two cents for each search that their site forwards. 100% of their proceeds are donated to different charities. I made them my default search engine. Consider doing the same.
Repost this everywhere if you please.

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'nough said.

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This sticker is in the bathroom on the MegaBus lines. Pretty funny if you ask me. I noticed it on the way back from #NoNato in Chicago #OWS #OccupyChicago #OccupyIndianapolis +OccupyNomads

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Occupy Indianapolis will be attending an anti-bullying rally Tues. night, 5-15-2012. This rally is organized by Get Equal and other groups. The rallying Point is at the Veterans Memorial Plaza at 6:00 P.M. From there we will be marching to the Indianapolis School Board meeting which is scheduled at 7:00 P.M.

For those that aren't aware, there's a student who attends an ISP school. He's been receiving constant bullying from groups of other students simply because of his race and sexual preference. Since last October, his mother filed 10 complaints with the principal and school board asking for help in the matter.

IPS simply put their head in the sand over the matter. They did nothing which further encouraged the bullying. Finally, the mother gave her son a taser to take to school. Shortly thereafter, the student was surrounded by 10 students who threatened his physical safety. The student then pulled out the taser, pointed it straight up in the air and fired. The bullies ran away.

The student then entered the school and sat down in a chair in a classroom. Shortly thereafter, The police responded and arrested the student. He is facing criminal charges as well as disciplinary action from the school.

We do not agree with bullying for any reason. Across the country students are commiting suicide because of bullying. We should not tolerate this. Let's make a change here that matters.

Please attend the rally. Power in number will greatly help this issue. Thank you.

Address of rally point:
Veterans Memorial Plaza
501 N Meridian St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Occupy Indianapolis - Anti-Bullying Rally
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