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Tania Sheko
Mixing up teaching and learning in schools. Making the Teacher Librarian role elastic.
Mixing up teaching and learning in schools. Making the Teacher Librarian role elastic.


We are new to Canvas and I'm about to create a front page for our school library. Ideally I want to insert a grid of 9 images which will link to other pages. Is there a bank of icons we can use?


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The seduction of censored material and other memories from the 60s.

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We are trying to move our boys' school culture to one of tolerance of diversity and understanding.
[Photo by pasukaru76] found in Jesse Stommel’s article on Hybrid Pedagogy Melbourne High School teachers are more than just subject teachers – which is the same for teachers everywhere. Sometimes we forget that teachers not only teach in their area of…

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On Wednesday, 24 November members of the school community celebrated the launch of the 2015–16 edition of the English Faculty’s literary magazine, Laureate. In what was a very special occasion, staff, students and parents gathered in the school library to…

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Recent thoughts. Technology in teaching and learning - not as an add-on. The value of connecting our students. My role as TL - reflection.

I'm wondering if there's an easy and cheap way to import content from Libguides to Canvas? Our school library has been using the Libguide platform for online resourcing.

Hi all. We are about to start using Canvas as our school LMS next year. I'm a teacher librarian and I'd love to see some examples of a library 'front page' ie the landing page when people click on library in Canvas. Does anyone have or know of any school libraries who use Canvas? WE are also excited by the prospect of seeing what faculties are putting on because it will help us support them - often difficult to find out otherwise. Thanks!

Our school will be moving to Canvas as an LMS next year, and we (in the library) are thinking about how our front page will look. Does anyone already use Canvas, and is your library front page public? Just looking for ideas. Thanks!

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Sharing some creative writing from our year 9 and 10 boys after a workshop with Tony Thompson.

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It's so important to showcase the Arts in schools. Our school is losing student numbers at a time we should be balancing education options more.
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