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As the saying goes, "what's the difference at this point?" I mean, with $18T national debt, the federalism tilted extremely toward the Federal Union in particular the Executive Branch, and, ad hominem factionism with seemingly Newspeak for discourse.

Yet, we are to be upset about how much air is in an official football! 
Good one, President Obama.
President Barack Obama welcomed the Patriots to the White House on Thursday and took the opportunity to make a dig at the Super Bowl champs.
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On this Memorial Day weekend, please take a few minutes to read all FOUR verses of The Star Spangled Banner. Please pay attention to the last two verses and how rarely it is sung.

How many Americans would even believe them anymore?
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A constitutional convention today would adjourn without achieving anything.


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As Politics Get More Desperate

Lawfare becomes the standard to avoid constitutional restrictions in order to gain power. Be careful.
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Veteran FRONTLINE filmmaker Martin Smith goes inside the Obama administration's struggle to deal with ISIS and the deadly civil war in Syria. With interviews from key military and diplomatic leaders, the documentary examines the hard choices facing the president as he tries to defeat the Islamic State without dragging America into a prolonged regional conflict.

Veteran FRONTLINE correspondent Martin Smith goes inside the administration’s struggle to deal with ISIS and Syria’s civil war.
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Stonewalling 21st Century Style

R. Nixon would be so proud how any possible eighteen minute gap could now be hidden until seekers will just throw up their hands in tears crying, "what difference...."

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What the frak??? The bizarrely slow process of releasing Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. What is this? The 1990s?

"When Hillary Clinton handed over 30,000 e-mails to the State Department, she did so in a very 20th-century way: She had them all printed out."

"The State Department then completed a tedious process to convert the 55,000 pages of e-mail and attachments back into a suitable electronic format. The scanning process itself involves five steps that are time-consuming and labor-intensive."

What's even worse, is this: "On Wednesday, a State Department official said that printing emails is common practice, and it would have to print Clinton's emails in the normal review process."

So... H.Clinton prints the emails, the State Department scans them back in, only to print them out again for 'review' ????
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"It is the duty of the patriot to protect his country from its government." -Thomas Paine
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Today, Skype emailed to me that I can add translation service.

"Skype Translator is ready and waiting for you. Thanks for your patience. Before you download it to your device, here are some helpful tips:"
"This early release of Skype Translator Preview includes an initial set of voice languages, and you can IM in over 40 languages."
"The preview supports Windows 8.1 devices and above. If you're still on Windows 8, you can upgrade to 8.1 for free."
"You need a valid Microsoft Account to use Skype Translator, which you can get by following the link below."

Sorry, I use Slated keyboard extension.

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Welcome to McDonald's My name is HAL 9000. May I take your order?
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That's one way to avoid raising the minimum wage of your employees.
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It has been my lifetime-desire to become fluent in another language besides my native tongue of English.

1962-1963 Français (j'ai été demander de ne pas la reprendre en 7e année ou jamais)

1969-1973 Deutsch (ich fast gelernt, aber mein College-Professor lief aus importiertes Bier: Beck ist das beste Bier der Welt)

1974 Ελληνική (να μάθουν να γράφουν το όνομά μου: Διάκονος)

1974-presente. Españoles (Aunque yo casi hizo fluido cuando pasé algún tiempo en Santiago de Compostela en España, pero sí logró obtener una habilidad de lectura decente. Me encanta leer novelas de Isabel Allende.

 現在。私は日本語を勉強しようとしています。 maretsutosumisu te-n:私のギリシャ語のレッスンと同じように私は私の名前を書くことを学んだ

Будущее: В свете текущих событий, возможно, я должен пытаться выучить русский.


 I was the second second-semester senior to pledge the third-pledge class of  Omicon Psi Chapter (Lakeland College) of TKE fraternity.
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+Adrew Trimmell - good reenactment Dean! modernized G+ Patrick Henry post! Favourite line from Doctor Who 8th season: "She's my carer. She cares so I don't have to." From 2014 Doctor Who Christmas special: "it's the north pole. It's Christmas. Who are you going to call? "
Ego sum historicus. Ego serviturus sum quasi emendator NABC International.
Fixing the Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey
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Obama at War – FRONTLINE

Inside the Obama administration’s struggle to deal with ISIS and the deadly civil war in Syria.

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