My New to Google+ (1 followed by 100 zeros aka the big one) Getting Started List

A compilation of some of the best Google+ “Getting Started” guides, tools, and tips for users new to Google+.

If you’re new to Google+ and wondering how to get around have no fear, the newest social network on the block is filled with a vibrant user base that is willing to help. A great deal of content has been created and shared among Google+ users. This list by no means captures ALL of that content; it should however, provide a list of resources to help you get going.

How to get help
+Ardith Goodwin has created a group of users who have volunteered to help users connect with existing users of Google+ who are willing to help people new to Google+ should they want/need one-on-one help. The members of this group can be found on the Group/As site here: The members of the group will frequently post “New To Google? Let Us Help!” posts letting new users know we’re here if they need assistance.

If you use Chrome as your web browser I suggest grabbing the Circle+ Chrome extension ( by +Daniel Treadwell. With this extension enabled you can visit the Unofficial New To Google+? ( Team page and in one click add all of the members to your Circles.

+Natalie Villalobos, Community Manager for the Google+ project, suggests starting with Early Adopter’s Guide & The Starter Pack by +Ahmed Zeeshan. Both are excellent resources for getting started on Google+ ( &

Getting Started Guides
• Official Google+ Help Center – Google+’s official help center is a great place to start and always available by hitting the cog in the upper right hand of Google+ and selecting “Google+ Help”. (

• Google+ Visual Startup Guide v2 by +Saidur Hossain. Available in 31 languages this provides a beautiful slide show style presentation of getting started on Google+. (

• Google+ 101 for beginners by: +Pauline Sweetman is on onsite beginners guide to Google+ (

• Google Plus 101: How to Get Started by +Rana Shahbaz. A simple and straight forward blog post on the basics of Google+. (

• Tips for Newer Users of Google+ by +Robert Scoble. Robert is blogger, author, and former tech evangelist for Microsoft. This is his onsite top tips for new users of Google+. (

• Google+ Resources by +Mariva H. Aviram. An extensive collection of links to additional resources for learning more about Google+. Viewable both as a regular page, viewable in Google docs, as well as editable in Google docs if you wish to contribute. (

• Google+ 101 Guide and Google+ 201 Guide by: +Nancy Bain. Visual presentations on SlideShare ( &

Detailed Guides and Documentation
• Google+ - A Collaborative Document – One of the first community driven, collaborative documents that emerged from Group+; filled with great information. Viewable in Google docs, as well as editable in Google docs if you wish to contribute.

• Google+ Visual Pro Guide by +Saidur Hossain. A beautiful slide show style presentation of power user Google+ tips and tricks.

• Google+: The Complete Guide by +Ben Parr. Mashable’s guide to using Google+ (

• Finding and Following People on Google+ by +Johnathan Chung – Exhaustive list of external sites for finding users on Google+ (

• 9 Ways to Get a Google+ Vanity URL (and the Google+ one you might already have) by +Paul Spoerry (

• Google+ Search Tour by +Carter Gibson – How to use search to find people, sparks, posts, and more. (

• Video tutorials & Podcasts by +Dennis Freitas - Weekly podcasts, several screencasts, video quick tips and more (

• Unofficial Google+ Wiki by +Szabolcs Feczak (

• Getting Started on Google+ by (

• G+ How To Wiki – Unofficial web portal (

• GooglePlusTips Wiki by (

Cheatsheets, Tips, and Infographics
• Google+ Cheat Sheets and Tricks v1 by +Simon Laustsen. High level overview of Google+ in visual form and available in multiple languages. (

• Google+ Cheat Sheet v2 by +Simon Laustsen. Second edition overview of Google+ in visual form and available in multiple languages. (

• 6 Steps to Configuring Privacy by ZoneAlarm (

• 40 Google+ Tips and Tricks for Power Users by PCWorld (

• Google+ Resources: Guides/Tips/Tutorials by +Joe Sabado. Organized into categories like General Use, use for Higher Education, Tips, Tools, & Accessibility (

• Google+ Tips & Shortcuts by +Andrew Shotland of (

• Google+ Tutorials by +Anson Alexander (

Privacy on Plus
• Data Liberation Front – Google’s in-house data liberation team in charge of allowing you to export your data from Google services, including Google+. (

• How to: Download Your Google+ Data by +Paul Spoerry – Walkthrough on downloading your Google+ data (

• 21 Google+ Privacy Tips: The Ultimate Guide by +Craig Kanalley (

• 6 Steps to Configuring Privacy (Infographic) by ZoneAlarm (

Circle Management
• The Circles: Dividing, Nesting and Prioritizing (available in multiple languages) by +Ahmed Zeeshan (

• How to Manage Your Google+ Circles Without Going Crazy by G+ Insiders Guide (

• Circle reordering (includes video) by +Brett van Zuiden (

• How to Sort and Manager Circles by +Kelly Clay via (

Finding People on Google+
Compiled by +Kathy Gill and available on

• FindPeopleOnPlus - The granddaddy directory; add yourself. This Google Plus directory was introduced by Google, one assumes as a work-around to the flawed search engine. Check to see which of your Twitter friends are on Plus; unfortunately, it's not linked to your account (either one) so the tool doesn't know if you have already put someone into a circle. Thus this is best for those just getting started setting up circles. (

• - Manage circles publicly or use public circles to find interesting people. View all groups as a tag cloud. (

• FindYourPlus - Search for people by name, country, city or occupation. (

• Google Plus Directory: gglpls - Another directory that relies on user submissions; unlike most directories, it requires you to publicize your addition on your public stream. This serves two purposes: validates that you are adding yourself and gives the service promotion. Geolocation and tags. (

• Google Plus Business Directory - This directory maps business names and locations to people on Google+ as well as to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks; add yourself. (

• Recommended Users - A relatively shortlist of people in a lot of categories. Curated by +Alireza Yavari (

• Women of Google+ - Created by +Lynette Young, this is a great place to find other women on Google+. (

• 6 Invaluable Tips to Help you Hangout Successfully by +Carter Gibson (

• Where to Hangout at Google+ - A directory of current and future Google+ Hangouts (

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