The New York Times just released a game - Voter Suppression Trail
Yeah... it's Oregon Trail but for voting. If you're a white male... right to your polling place with no wait or frustration. If you're a Latina nurse in Texas, you have to take a bus across town to then wait in a long line. The game notes that "G.O.P. tactics that cut back on polling places and workers are causing huge lines!" and um... while you wait in line you encounter various difficulties, such as a sick son. In classic Oregon Trail style, he has dysentery. I mean of course he does.

The people behind the game, Chris Baker, Brian Moore and Mike Lacher, also produced GOP Arcade. The site has used basic games to draw attention to issues like the rising cost of EpiPens (EpiPen Tycoon) and the inaction regarding gun violence (Thoughts and Prayers).
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