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Star Wars Bathroom Win

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Looks like the poster art for J.J. Abrams reboot is finished...
I know there's a joke about the Dark Side in here somewhere.
Whoever did this is a Real Star Wars Nerd
I think "nerd" is kind.

And love Star Wars, I do! 
"Get in there you big furry oaf, I don't care WHAT you smell!"
It made the Kessel run in 5 parsecs
Remember what Han warned Luke about- don't get cocky.
is that a star trek space ship? Cool....hahahahahha. Taking a leak or a fill? hehehehhe
Dee Gee
+Kit Laserna That is not a Star Trek ship. It is the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars.
Dee Gee
Where can I get one of these lol?
Meh. I'd still leave the seat up. :P
Nice setup - just wondering why you have a broom in your tub? Trying to sweep up rebel forces?
Dee Gee
+Kate C 'May The Force be With You' should play every time you flushed lol.
Aj Shoe
that is so cool
I'm sure there's a reference to the asteroid worm here.
I am just glad the plunger is a green colored lightsaber. Let the Light Side do the dirty work!
really!!! that much time on your hands, or was you stoned or tripping on somethin'
but that lifesaver is bein' plumbed into the toilet. t'sucks.
Whoever sits in this toilet will never be constipated 'cause the force will be with him!
it is, but i consider star wars glow-in-the-dark 3D pics painted on the wall. "COOOL"
Let the force be with us ..
Lol.. scum on toilet. Good one dough. .
That's really cool, but somewhat disturbing...
And whenever you have a stomach bug, you can say you have the Kessel Runs. (sorry)
Jolly good show! Now let's see an AT-AT toaster and a Death Star chandelier. 
it should have a catch phrase when you flush too
Great in case I ever need to take a C3PO...
Where death stars go to die :)
you can feel the force move through you
Joking you must be.  Shittier than it looks it is, yes, hmmm?
Only true Star Wars fans take it that far. You are a true fan. :-)
+Anya Owsenek yep, the vent on the floor is open, a doorknob is on the sink, omg lol :D
i need it. i LOVE star wars. my whole room is star wars. no lie
There's something next to the toilet on the floor....ipad?
but maybe it could be :3
+Henry Grof lol :D the force to unclog the toilet? Man u must have let it loose  :DDDD
tut tuuut tu tu tu tu tut tu tu tu tu tut tutututuuuuuut (starwarsbacksong)
stay on target... stay on target!
Our aim is to keep this bathroom clean.
Your aim will help.
Luke the food is strong with you
A most wretched hive of scum and villainy (or something like that) - if nothing else, I bet the ladies appreciate this! 
what is this man...................
use the force...when the toilet gets clogged lol
Bruce L
Use the Force to clean that bathroom... 
by thundering Thor!! on this ship there are no jedi-royal asses..... even skywalker has to do toilet detail!!!
Except for one thing. Who puts a plunger right next to the toilet? I put mine in a corner somewhere. A plunger next to a toilet looks pretty disgusting.
I wouldn't ever want to put the seat up even if that meant never peeing again.
JESUS CHRIST!!!!!! That is just crazy
To JETISON the smelly "jedi", merely FLUSH!
Looks like the falcon has another use.
I wish the stuff I left still under gravity
Hope jar jar is the one that cleans the bathroom..... 
If I only had Jedi mind trick skills I'd never have to wipe my own ass ever again.
May the FORCE be with YOU!
But why is there a broom in the bathtub? 
thats gotta be hard to clean
Little known fact: Jedi keep a broom in the bathtub.

I had to look that one up. 
This is the shit!  No pun intended... LoL!
realy good thought.....
realy good thought.....
I don't see the purpose why were you bored and needed something to do
Ya I used to love polly when I was younger. Ever since I saw him at this comedy club in Florida I relized what a giant dick he was..
Must have toilet accessories for when you invite the wookie over for poker night.
Does he use the force to wipe his ass or R2D2 
Gabby M
Hahaha would really love to shit o there
Hi..i'm is dilla from Indonesia.
Only Star Wars can make using the"Han" more enjoyable
I can't believe that nobody has commented on how dirty and nasty the bathroom is and why is there a broom in the tub
Not sure what powers that ship, but if it runs on gas, it should never run out.
"She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid. I've made a lot of special modifications myself. " - Han
I keep wanting to say "Stay on target...." but those were Y-Wings lol
no didnt wanna get it dirty so they go outside
Now that's taking sh--ing to a hold new level! 
The star wars stuff is cool, but I can't stop staring at the thick border of mold growing on the back of that tub, and along the seam where it meets the floor.  WTF, that is some disgusting shit.  
In space There are "black holes" where ...

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I've never seen a plumber in a "space suit"... Outer space has the Star formations....plumber "exhibit" a sort of spectacle, at work beneath a sink for example, "Gluteous máximas"
I have to go drop off the Wookies at the Dagoba swamp.
A " TY D BOL" astronautMAN" in the STARWARS Tank????;

So many people commented on this
i almost pissed my pants! now i need the toilet!!
Hahaaaaaa. I hear he needs the toilet
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