Stalkscan shows the creepy power of Facebook's Graph Search
Do you know how much of your information is out there?

In 2013 Facebook launched a powerful new feature called Graph Search. The new search engine allowed users open access to many data sources Facebook had previously kept to itself. This allows searching for photos of yourself, your neighbor when she was 21 and all the way to the super ability to stalk single friends’ comments, events they’ve attended, statuses they’ve liked, and even seeing which bars they visit most often. Facebook Graph Search made all of this possible.

Facebook quietly back-burnered this because people, understandably so, found it super creepy. However, the functionality is still there. Self-proclaimed Belgian "ethical hacker" Inti De Ceukelaire has created a web interface that lets you make the most out of Graph Search. It's appropriately named Stalkscan.

De Ceukelaire told Motherboard (

"Graph Search and its privacy issues aren’t new, but I felt like it never really reached the man on the street. With my actions and user-friendly tools I want to target the non-tech-savvy people because most of them don’t have a clue what they are sharing with the public."

Stalkscan simply shows you all the power of Graph Search in one simple user interface. Just enter the your profile, or that of the person you want to run Graph Search on and behold all of the information. It should be noted the tool only shows content you have access to; if the privacy settings of the profile disallow you from seeing the content you won't have access to it. Stalkscan simply provides an easy interface to see what's already available.

Not sure why it defaulted to non-English. It's simply to change but here's the English link:
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