Facebook finally launches Cambridge Analytica tool
Now you can instantly check if your data was harvested by Cambridge Analytica.

Didn't get the notification that Facebook promised to send out informing you whether your data was harvested by Cambridge Analytica? Yeah, neither did I.

You can also access the tool by searching "Cambridge" in the search box of Facebook's Help Centre. Or click the link below and it'll take you straight there.

Check the "Was my information shared?" section for details. In my case, it looks like I didn't log into "This Is Your Digital Life", the one that shared all your data with Cambridge Analytica, and neither did any of my friends. It's not clear if I'd unfriended someone (or vice versa) if it would show that or not.

You can check yours by clicking here:

FWIW: Zuck will be testifying on Capitol Hill about the privacy scandals surrounding Facebook. It's scheduled to start at 2:15pm Eastern, 11:15am Pacific time. Gizmodo has a list of all the ways you can watch (even in VR! lol) over here: https://gizmodo.com/how-to-watch-mark-zuckerbergs-senate-testimony-live-on-1825110195
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