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Programmer/Tech Writer/Social Media Ninja
Meditating, Parkour, SEO, Social Media, Tae Kwon Do, Citong Shaolin Kung Fu
  • Geek Extraordinaire
    Developer, 2015 - 2016
  • IBM
    Senior Application Architect, 2011
    Social Media Writer, 2011 - 2011
  • NaviSys
    Web Developer, 2004 - 2006
  • Genelco
    Application Architect, 1997 - 2004
  • Wave Technologies
    Developer of Internet Technologies, 1996 - 1997
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Saint Louis, Mo
Secret base on the moon
Paul Spoerry is a father, coder, life-experimenter.A reincarnated disco king searching for his long lost leisure suit. SEO nerd, Wordpress fan, gadget geek, SQL stud, and coder. I also meditate and do Parkour.

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If you're just looking to add me without ALL the details of my life and just wanna know what Circles to put me in... I'm Paul Spoerry and I'd fit into any of these (or whatever you may have that aligns with these):

  • New To Google+ Team 
  • Blogger
  • Geek/Tech Enthusiast
  • Android
  • Philosophy
  • Parkour
  • Meditation/Meditator (I meditate daily)
  • Martial Arts (TKD/KungFu//MMA)
  • Dancing
  • Electronic music lover (Techno/House/DnB/Progressive/etc)
  • Gamer
  • Fatherhood
  • SEO
  • Engager
  • Social Networking
  • Funny Status Updates/Humor
  • DonorsChoose
  • LittleBigFund
  • EmpireAvenue
  • I sorta go nuts on #Caturday, #StarWarsTuesday, #ZenSunday


My name is Paul Spoerry ( and I was fortunate enough to have a father who recognized that a computer would be a “good investment for his children’s future”. To his dismay the investment he spent a good deal of the family savings on wouldn't work when he brought it home. I begged him to let me play with it, but he always brushed me off (would you let a little kid play with a $5,000+ piece of hardware you’re struggling to make work?). After having several people out to diagnose the machine, each unable to fix it, he finally turned to me and said “well, you can’t break it any more than it already is” and walked out of the room frustrated. When he returned a few hours later the room was littered with components… I had his “investment” in pieces. I’m surprised I survived that day because I saw his face turn several shades of red in rapid succession. He walked out of the room… I’m not sure if it was because he was going to cry, or because he feared he might kill me after seeing what I’d just done. Several hours later he returned again, presumably to dole out my punishment. When he walked in the room this time it was no longer in disarray. The box was put back together, the OS was booted, and I sat there with the soft glow of the monitor highlighting a giant smile on my face. All he said as he walked out was “that’s yours now”.

That moment solidified my passion for technology. I've had very little “formal” training. I grew up hiding my inner geek, secretly tinkering with beige boxes that no one around me understood. I’d go to school, wrap up soccer or Tae Kwon Do practice, and then spend my nights dialing out (ok yes, sometimes wardialing) to BBS’s – seeking out other geeks and as much information as I could get my hands on. Sadly, my passion was discouraged at every turn by the education system… from Junior High all the way through college I was told my math skills weren't strong enough to work in computers. I eventually pursued a degree in Philosophy; but dropped out when I realized that would require a boatload more school (which I already didn't really care for) and all I’d be able to do with it was teach Philosophy.

As luck would have it I was really good at telemarketing (worst.job.ever…. you’re rejected for hours on end, it’s seriously a psychologically difficult job, but the money was good). This was fortunate because while on one of the thousands of calls made, I managed to social engineer my way into an interview at a technology training company. The rest is history because that call turned my passion into my career.

I now have a utility belt full of programming languages (like Batman but for coding). I'm into Local SEO, Lead Generation, Affiliate Sales, Email Marketing and promotions. I have a database of all my knowledge on databases; it has indexes on key elements and filegroups separated across different RAID arrays – performance baby. I'm a keywording SEO junkie fascinated by the new influence of Social Media / Social Networking / Engager. I practice code fu. Oh, I've also done actual Kung Fu - Citong Shaolin Kung Fu. I’ve done martial arts for a large majority of my life. I studied Tae Kwon Do for 15 years; earning a black belt and eventually worked hard enough to earn a gold medal in the Junior Olympics. I meditate daily and find mindfulness meditation has brought a quality of presence to my life that is amazing.  

I’m the proud father of a fantastic little boy. He’s incredibly smart, both intellectually (he’s in the gifted program at his school) and emotionally. When he’s with me we wrestle, play Xbox, and go for adventures with NERF guns in the woods behind our house. I’m his father, but he’s perhaps the greatest teacher I've ever had. I have a fantastic woman in my life; she’s full of more energy than I could possibly explain (no seriously, the woman can talk like you wouldn't believe). She’s deep, compassionate, and full of life. The three of us do Parkour together (free running) every week. It's an amazing, challenging, and rewarding thing to put your body in motion and challenge yourself to tackle new things or refine existing things every week. 

I’m an Android enthusiast… that means that I break my phone often tweaking and overclocking it (note to self: remember to NAND backup first!). My youth was spent spending time doing martial arts or sitting with my mom while my sister did dance lessons. While I never took lessons, I love to dance; it’s when I feel most free. The rapidly shifting landscape of social media is my latest fascination born from IT.

I'm active on EmpireAvenue and enjoy the community, engagement, and the fun of the social stock market. 

I code. I run. I love. I meditate. I dance.

I've been known to remodel airports on my lunch breaks, making them more efficient in the area of heat retention. I manage my time efficiently, I write award-winning opera, and translate ethnic slurs for North Korean refugees.

Using only a hoe and a large glass of water, I once single-handedly defended a small village in the Amazon Basin from a horde of ferocious army ants. When I'm bored, I build large suspension bridges in my yard. Thanks to my ginger playmate I know the exact location of every food item in the grocery store (yes, including real butter). With this knowledge I plot my shopping list on my smartphone for maximum efficiency. I've performed several covert ops for the CIA, the details of which I cannot share or I'd be forced to kill you. While on vacation in Belize, I successfully negotiated with a group of terrorists who had seized a small bakery.

I pay all my bills as they arrive and always on-time. I have a gold medal in full-contact origami. In college I discovered the meaning of life. Sadly, I forgot to write it down. I breed prizewinning shrimp and enjoy books... they are like the Internet but made of trees. I ponder who is smarter, Jesus or Buddha, in terms of not letting himself get crucified. No, this last part is not all original but has been modified to fit me and is hilarious.

I currently work for Concentrix developing web enabled insurance applications (formerly with IBM).  I blog at, tweet @PaulSpoerry, and develop for The I do side gigs via

New To Google+? Let Us Help.
If you're New To Google+: Let Us HelpGoogle+ is different, it's not limited to just your friends and it's not just a place with 140 character tweets. There is a vibrant community developing here and a host of community contributors who are more than willing to help you get started. A public list of users can be found at this Group/as list, circle any one of us and let us know if you have questions. Feel free to put me in your circles and don't hesitate if you have questions. 

Geek Extraordinaire - Obsessed with new technology, gadgets, SEO, social media, marketing. I'm passionate about Android, Google, Wordpress, meditation, running, electronic music, and random funny crap on the intertubes. I also tweet via @PaulSpoerry and post on my blog

I believe in and am passionate about DonorsChoose and helping our kid in the education system. Please visit my Giving page for awesome projects to donate toward!
Bragging rights
I competed in the Junior Olympics and hung out with Chuck Norris. YES... THAT Church Norris; everything you read on the web about him is true.
  • Washington University in St. Louis
  • UMSL
  • SEMO
  • Fox High School
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Paul Spoerry

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Sensory For The Soul
Help jumpstart the move to a new school for an amazing teacher who helps individuals with autism.
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Paul Spoerry

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Real footage of Hillary getting ready before DNC speech

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Paul Spoerry

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DNC video - Trump is just an 80's bully
I don't know if this was planned, if they had it in their back pocket, or if they're just wizards but the fact it was played the same day Trump said he wanted to "hit a number of those speakers so hard, their heads would spin. They'd never recover," is fucking magic.

Yeah yeah... I know he says "hit" as in to verbally slam somebody. It doesn't matter. The optics on this one was a slam dunk. 
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Paul Spoerry

Shared publicly  - 
Smash Mouth does EDM
Hey now, you're an EDM star!

.... W....T....F....?
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Paul Spoerry

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Bill O'Reilly: Slaves who built White House were 'well fed and had decent lodgings'
jaw drop
“Michelle Obama is essentially correct in citing slaves as builders of the White House, but there were others working as well,” O'Reilly continued.
Trent Figures's profile photo
He was in charge of food and lodging. Jackass
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Paul Spoerry

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DNC Leak Shows Mechanics of a Slanted Campaign
Not that it changes anything now (or even 1 day ago when this was released and I missed it, or very likely even when the wiki dump happened which was clearly too little too late; unless you buy the whole Russia is doing this to get Trump in power thing)....

I'd been watching a lot of this closely... and as stated in this article "...this Politico story were barely mentioned in the wake of the DNC leak, except by right-wing media..." - most of which are hacks or opportunists. At the very least they were anti-Sanders and anti-Clinton (and frighteningly pro-Trump).

Matt Taibbi is not a hack. Don't be dissuaded from reading this article just because it's Rolling Stone magazine. He's got chops. His stuff on the the financial shenanigans that nearly led us (along with the rest of the world) into a 2nd Great Depression is top notch. But here you have it: HRC got to use the DNC "structure as adjunct staff", including (or so it seems; I've yet to see a direct pointA to pointB on this) financially.

Does this fundamentally change anything I've stated? Nope. Not one fucking bit. If you thought politics was fair or honest please go back to the playground. Should it be? Yes. Ideally, that answer should always be a resounding yes. Has money and power ever been that way? no... of course not. Don't be naive. As even this article points out... Trump is scary as fuck. I voted Sanders... so I too get to be pissed if the guy I voted for was hampered by the DNC. It doesn't change the situation we're in though.

"The immediate question going forward for the party is whether the two camps can put aside their differences in time to defeat the more-than-a-little-scary Donald Trump."


"Bernie Sanders didn't win the nomination, but he won the argument, shaping key Clinton policies and the future of the party."
Documents released by Wikileaks detail how the DNC worked with the Clinton camp to downplay a key story about questionable fundraising.
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Paul Spoerry

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This is the year the reboot the classics with a female lead
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Paul Spoerry

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Paul Spoerry

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Just when things couldn't get any more weird - Trump asks Russia to hack us

“Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” Mr. Trump said, essentially encouraging a foreign power’s cyberspying.
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Wow, you guys must be a blast to hang out with and laugh...lighten up a bit, you will live longer. 
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Paul Spoerry

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Colbert - Trump of False!
Pretty sure Stephen had more than one of the beers in this video but that only makes it more hilarious. 
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Paul Spoerry

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PDF is now the first most popular religion
... according to my search results. I posted this one year ago today... if I type "how do I convert to " --- PDF is the first result!
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rimshot +Brian Peters!
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Paul Spoerry

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Sarah Silverman - long time Bernie supporter - calls out Bernie supporters
Silverman was a devoted Sanders supporter in the primary (me too!) spoke with long-time Clinton supporter Sen. Al Franken, to try to build some unity in the party. The two stood at the podium together and everything went well... until she said how proud she was to vote for Clinton. And then, as Sarah does, she called out the stupidity.... "Can I just say to the Bernie or bust people... you're being ridiculous."

Well said Sarah... well said. Can the children please go back to the kiddie table now, stop their tantrums, accept reality, and let the adults do their thing? Pretty please cuz uh... fuck Trump. In no world is Hillary worse than Trump and everybody knows it. Sorry you have two choices and if you think otherwise you are... frankly... naive and uneducated in how our existing process works. If Hillary frightens you more than Trump then you're an idiot or simply afraid of vaginas. I'm not saying she's Neo/The One, but she's the one who got here (regardless of how - that's a different topic) but at this point in the game there are TWO CHOICES so don't be a d-bag OK?

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Rooms are nice but I would consider what they refer to as a suite that way. It's simply a longer (maybe) room. Everything was clean, complimentary service for parking your vehicle, and the staff was attentive and pleasant.
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This has been my primary for all of my adult life. The care has been exceptional. So much so that I've since moved to North County but continue to make the drive to South County... a trip that takes me nearly 45 minutes each direction. The entire staff is excellent. Everyone from the receptionists to the nurse practitioners, to my primary care doctors are top notch. I never feel rushed or like my concerns aren't being met.
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Atmosphere: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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Bowe & Associates has been my primary care for all of my adult life. The care has been exceptional. So much so that I've since moved to North County but continue to make the drive to South County... a trip that takes me nearly 45 minutes each direction. Dr. Padua is the most recent addition and has since become my primary physician. Any time there is a change and you've moved you then consider if it's time to find another physician closer to home. I'm glad I didn't because Dr. Padua is excellent! He exudes confidence, fosters comfort, and backs up everything he says with detailed knowledge.
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