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Paul Spoerry
Paul Spoerry is a father, coder, life-experimenter.A reincarnated disco king searching for his long lost leisure suit. SEO nerd, Wordpress fan, gadget geek, SQL stud, and coder. I also meditate and do Parkour.
Paul Spoerry is a father, coder, life-experimenter.A reincarnated disco king searching for his long lost leisure suit. SEO nerd, Wordpress fan, gadget geek, SQL stud, and coder. I also meditate and do Parkour.

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Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are REALLY looking forward to Game of Thrones
Seriously... they don't want you to have any question how much they are looking forward to it.

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Facebook Is Testing Paid Subscriptions
When Facebook launched Instant Articles in May 2015, publishers called on it to include a subscription option, but while Facebook explored the idea, it didn’t come to fruition partly over concerns that it would create roadblocks for its users to access content. The media companies using the platform found they weren’t making money on the feature on their own websites, which prompted more calls from publishers to charge users.

Facebook's subscription model could be tested at the end of the year with a small group of publishers and then rolled out more broadly in 2018. It is aiming for a diverse group in the pilot with both U.S. and international publishers taking part. The New York Times, Tronc, Hearst, The Economist, the U.K.’s Telegraph and Germany’s Bild have been briefed on the plans.

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Sesame Street Sabotage
Mylo the Cat remixed Sesame Street's 1985 flick 'Follow That Bird' to create a muppet version of the video for Beastie Boys’ 1994 classic Sabotage. The only thing missing are the cheesy ’70s mustaches.

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Pro tip: don't use accelerants on bonfires
Stay safe. Don't be an idiot.

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Oscar Mayer introduces the Wienerfleet
Damn... OM wins the 4th of July promos. They even have a Wienerdrone!

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Woah how did I NOT know about Ebates?!
I'm a pretty savvy online shopper and have tons of tools for saving money, applying coupons, finding deals, etc. That said, I'd never heard of Ebates until my buddy Liam pointed it out to me. It works online and in some physical stores.

Just install the extension, shop online and the button will notify you when to activate Ebates Cash Back... blamo... instant cash back.

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Microsoft's next big Windows update will use AI to fight malware
The Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 will enable PCs to take advantage of an antivirus that picks up on malware behavior on any cloud-connected system and protects other computers running the OS.

To prevent the next global malware crisis, an upcoming update will rely on machine learning from more than 400 million computers running Windows 10, Microsoft said Tuesday.

In its Fall Creators Update, Microsoft will use a wide range of data coming from its cloud programs such as Azure, Endpoint and Office to create an artificial intelligence antivirus that can pick up on malware behavior, said Rob Lefferts, director of program management for Windows Enterprise and Security. The upgrade is coming to Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, with new features like browser-focused Application Guard and cloud-related Device Guard and Exploit Guard.

If new malware is detected on any computer running Windows 10 in the world, Microsoft said it will be able to develop a signature for it and protect all the other users worldwide. The first victim will be safe as well because the virus will be set off in a virtual sandbox on the cloud, not on the person's device.

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Leaf blower kid
This kid picked up his grandfather's leaf blower and goes absolutely mad with power. OK not really... it's pretty much what every man is doing in his head anytime he picks up a power tool. 

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'Not Hotdog' app lands on Android
‘Silicon Valley’s’ ridiculous Not Hotdog app just landed on Android made by "SeeFood Technologies Inc." I have all the lulz.

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"Accidentally contracting polio" is the hottest new American fad
John Oliver went after anti-vaccination activists carefully debunking every one of the anti-vaccination myths some parents refuse to drop.

Surprise! Life-threatening illnesses don't have to be life-threatening.
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