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The Most Comprehensive Directory of Android Tablet Apps
The Most Comprehensive Directory of Android Tablet Apps

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We've added a new article that covers the Google Play Store's 25 Billion App Downloads celebration, and we'll be adding the list of apps that ar eon sale each day throughout the promo! Take a look!

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We want to know what news you're following in the Android tablet world! Feel free to leave us a link to news articles related to Android tablet and Android tablet apps!

Also, over the next couple weeks, you'll notice some minor changes on the site including our improved "Recent News" section where we'll cover different news in the Android tablet world as well as some other changes. We're also working on a forum, too, so you can get together with other Android tablet owners to discuss your tablets and more. Stay tuned for future updates.

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If you're interested in advertising your Android tablet application that you've developed, please send us an email to inquire about our very competitive pricing! Here's our contact form:

More good news: we've added the ability to leave comments on any application that you find on our site! This option uses Facebook, so if you're already logged into FB, leaving comments is very simple! Other login options exist as well if you don't want to use your Facebook account to make a comment! Take a minute and check it out by browsing some of the apps on our site:

If you own an Android website, please leave a reply here. We'll be grouping all of you Android site owners into a new circle for people to be able to find you easier when they're checking us out!

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Hey everyone! We just wanted to tell you Thank You for adding us to your circles. We've added you to ours, as well! Take a moment and stop by the site, and check out some of the almost 1600 tablet apps we've added to the site in the past year. We wouldn't be successful without you, so give yourself a pat on the back! Thanks again, everyone!

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We've been receiving emails about issues related to tablets running Android versions under 3.0 when trying to install our application. Please review the following webpage we have made, regarding this issue.

We're loading the site up with over 300 new applications designed for Android tablets! Pay us a visit and 'get your app on'!

One more quick note: if you haven't already followed us, be sure to follow our Twitter account for the latest updates at our site! Here's the link:
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