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Brand new episode of Beyond Extraordinary available now!  In this episode, I had the privilege of interviewing film director Marty Stalker, who is currently completing production on his upcoming feature length documentary about the late Malachi Martin. The film will be titled "Hostage to the Devil" and will be receiving a theatrical release in the somewhat near future.  

In this interview, Marty and I discussed the film-making process, what he has learned about Fr. Martin's life and ministry, and some stories about the close personal friends of Fr. Martin's that Marty was able to interview for the film.  I think you're going to find this episode very interesting. I know I did!  

Please enjoy and share the link with your buddies!

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Brand new episode of Beyond Extraordinary Radio available now!  In this 40th Episode, I was very excited to welcome the band Dissident Prophet, all of them, to the show!  

Robbie Maxwell, Andy Jennings, Melanie J, and Tom Livermore… along with manager and marketer extraordinaire Adrian Checkley have all joined me to discuss their music, their faith, and more; and as a fan of this band, I could not be more excited to introduce these wonderful people and their incredible music to all of you!

In this episode we discuss topics ranging from testimonies to transhumanism.. from faith to fellowship… and so much more.  And let’s not forget the music!!  Btw, Natalina even contributed some viola playing to the tracks Fly Away and Broken.  I know, right?!?!

Please enjoy this awesome blend of music and conversation with some of the coolest Brits you're ever likely to meet :)

Please SHARE this episode with your friends, and be sure to follow the links in the shownotes to connect with Dissident Prophet around the web, and keep an eye out for their new album Red Moon Rising, coming out on June 29th!

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“Scientology is NOT a religion, it is a crime syndicate.”  Pete Griffiths

My guest for this episode is former Scientologist Pete Griffiths.  Once a devout member of the Church of Scientology, Pete now devotes himself to educating people about the dangers of Scientology, and seeks to hold Scientologists accountable for the damage they’ve done to countless lives.  To discuss the church of Scientology, its origins, how he became involved and how he came to be a staunch anti-Scientology advocate… I was pleased to welcome Pete Griffiths to Beyond Extraordinary.

Please share this link and if you have not already done so, please LIKE our Beyond Extraordinary Radio page on Facebook:

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Brand new episode of Beyond Extraordinary Radio available now!

"In On the Path of the Immortals, internationally acclaimed, investigative authors Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam continue the greatest investigation of our time by exposing the facts kept hidden from the public by elitists and intellectuals who are planning mankind s assimilation under a coming savior, one whom the prophet Daniel foresaw as an alien god."

So reads the product description for the eagerly awaited third collaboration between best-selling authors Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam.  As soon as I heard the synopsis for this soon to be released book, On the Path of the Immortals, I could hardly wait for its release.  And, because I sometimes get a little inside scoop.. I was privileged to read some early chapters as they were being written, and I've now been privy to the entire book which had had me riveted.  The book should officially start shipping May 15TH!

For this episode of Beyond Extraordinary, I was delighted and humbled to welcome BOTH authors to the show.  Thomas Horn and Cris Putnam share with us the incredible discoveries that they uncovered while their boots were on the ground across the country, in search of answers and.... On the Path of the Immortals.  As with their previous works, you will find that this book is high on adventure, scientific exploration, academic inquiry, supernatural intrigue and most importantly.. written from a strictly Christian worldview.  You will NOT want to miss this show!

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This episode of Beyond Extraordinary kicks off what will be an ongoing series on cults. Especially cults that masquerade as Christian denominations.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is a uniquely American religion.  It got its start in New York with the Book of Mormon first being printed in 1830.  The Mormon founder and "prophet", Joseph Smith, was an American, claimed that Jesus visited America, and that Jesus will return to America, specifically Independence, Missouri, where "The New Jerusalem" will be built.

Mormon doctrine veers off of orthodox Christian standards right from the start, literally by redefining the very nature of Jesus Christ, and yet many still see them as a branch of Christianity.  To help set the record straight, my guests on this episode will share their in-depth knowledge of what the LDS actually believes, and why we should care.

Rob and Tara Sivulka operate the websites and  Rob is the president of Courageous Christians United and has dedicated his ministry to Mormon outreach as well as Christian education about the LDS.  He also has websites dedicated to Jehovah's Witness info and Muslim info.  Tara is an ex-Mormon herself, and she shares her awesome testimony in this episode.

Thanks for listening and please SHARE!

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It was such a pleasure to be invited as a guest to The Mind Renewed, hosted by the wonderful Julian Charles​.  I've posted links to the show on my site and I do hope that you'll have a listen as Julian and I had a really great conversation. And while you're at it, please check out all of Julian's great interviews at TMR.  Thanks Julian!!

If you enjoyed this interview, please consider sharing!!!

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New article on Extraordinary Intelligence.  I wrote this because I believe this is an important topic. If you find it helpful or enlightening, please consider sharing the link. Thank you.

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You have to admit, a Kitty Illuminati would be the cutest cloak-and-dagger society EVER.  But seriously, check this video out. Yes, it is cute and cuddly, but it is also a rather scathing expose about Lyndon Johnson and the Kennedy assassination, the rise to power of the Bush family, a corrupt CIA, and an elite group of bankers “fat cats” who rule the world. Please Share!

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My guest for this episode of Beyond Extraordinary was author and lecturer Warren Smith. Warren has an incredible testimony about coming out of the New Age with his wife, and he now devotes his life to exposing the New Age, both in our culture and sadly inside the church.  In this episode, we focus largely on Warren's research about the wildly popular book Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  Warren also shares his detailed testimony and although the audio quality of the interview itself is a little sketchy (basically just a recorded phone call due to various reasons) I believe the interview to very informative and I'm sure you will enjoy it.  

At the beginning, I discuss a few recent headlines and talk with a bit of specificity about what specific aspects of the New Age drew me in years ago.  Enjoy and please share!

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Here it is... the Beyond Extraordinary Christmas Special.  This may be a controversial episode to some, but I hope everyone will give it a listen and think about the information presented.  My guest for this episode is the wonderful historian and scholar Cliff Garner, who helps to really parse through the misinformation and disinformation associated with the "pagan Christmas" meme that has been creating confusion and fear amongst brothers and sisters in the Lord.  Cliff is a devout Christian and his perspective and depth of knowledge is vital to this topic.

Although this show is pretty heavy, I do take a moment to lighten things up during the introduction with a story I think you're going to love.  I've also used some wonderful music throughout the show.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and if this show moved you, please SHARE the link!!  I think this is one of those episodes you're going to want to share with others.
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