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The Best #Trading #Apps for #iPhone

Hello, fellow traders!

As everyone who works in the #Forex market, I need a constant access to my trading account and charts. Due to this fact, having a trading application on your smartphone is obligatory.

I have an iPhone and I want to share the best trading and news apps for this device with you. Moreover, except watching the charts, every trader needs to keep an eye on the latest news. Being informed always helps to make the right decisions, so it is better to choose apps that provide market updates quickly. Every second can be the key one. However, if you have some experience on Forex, you already know it.

Finally, let’s get the best trading apps for iPhone!

MetaTrader 4
#MetaTrader 4 app The first one is a trading platform, as the trading process will be impossible without it. I use MetaTrader 4, it is well-known and one of the most popular among professional traders. I can agree with the majority of users that this platform for iOS is as much comfortable as its desktop version. This app allows you to watch charts, open trades, add lines and use indicators. It is absolutely free. So, you can use the app not only for the trading process but for getting the latest quotes and other information about the market.

Yahoo Finance
#Yahoo Finance is the second one in my rating. You can get high-quality investment ideas and real-time info on the markets after creating your custom personalized watch list. Track commodities and currencies, get up-to-date information and news. It is also possible to watch multiple charts to analyze the situation deeper. This software is also free.

The #Bloomberg app provides traders with the financial news of the global business and financial markets. You can customize your tracking portfolio and watch only necessary news. The app has built-in alerts feature that will keep you up-to-date with the markets. What’s more, it offers an analysis by world experts. You can download it for free.

The #CNBC app delivers news, real-time quotes, stock charts, and gives an access to the CNBC programs. It is easy to use, and the interface is pleasant, still, it will be more effective for those who trade on the stock market and perform fundamental analysis. Know more about the market and weigh all the risks!

This application is also created for stock traders, still, I’ll tell you about it in case you trade not only on Forex. Maybe you even have heard about Robinhood. It shows traders real-time data basing on the personalized watch lists. Notifications will keep you up-to-date with the latest prices and the market news. It is also secure as it encrypts your info with SSL. What’s more, you can use Touch ID or set your own PIN code to keep your account safe. It’s hard to believe, but it is free too.

NetDania Forex and stocks
#NetDania Forex and stocks app is popular among Forex traders due to its versatility and ease of use. You can find interbank rates here and watch the commodities prices (gold, silver). Overall, the app has over 20.000 financial assets. Moreover, it streams live charts and the latest news from Market news International and FxWirePro. You might set alerts on certain assets, customize the menu, etc. It is available for both iPhone and Android.

So, as a trader, you will surely need to watch the market news and the financial reports to catch the trend, understand the risks and make more profits! Your iPhone can be a wonderful helper, just try these trading apps, get all the important news within seconds, make right decisions based on world economic events.

You can get every application from the #App #Store for free, or for a reasonable price. I hope that with these apps you will be able to grow your account and become more successful. Have a nice trading, and please subscribe to my blog to learn more!
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18-Years Old Millionaire: a Real #Bitcoin Fairy Tale

Erik Finman is just 18 y.o, but he is already the youngest Bitcoin millionaire in the whole world! He owns 403 bitcoins, and it equals nearly 3 million dollars, taking into account the current exchange course. Fascinating! Unbelievable! The youngster lives in Hollywood, has his own startups, luxury cars, without schools and colleges! Sit back and enjoy the story that everybody believed to be impossible.

Erik was just 12 when his granny gave him $1K for a holiday. She wanted her grandson to pay that money for college, but Erik had extremely other thought on how to spend the money. He bought #Bitcoins for all the granny’s gift. 1 BTC cost nearly $10-12 per coin. Erik’s funds grew to $100K to the 2013 year and he decided to leave school and to become one of the youngest world’s entrepreneurs.

It may seem strange, but the decision to leave education was right, though, many adults would judge this teenager for doing this. Maybe they will change their opinions, as Finman says that the quality of education in his school was very poor. Teachers were constantly criticizing him. One of his teachers even said that Erik may leave school and get to working in McDonald’s because this is the only thing he is able to do.

The teenager laughs and notices that he has already done the first thing.

After Bitcoin prices increased to $1200 per one coin, he sold all of them and created the Botangle platform. It is an online education resource that helped pupils in finding really good professional teachers and mentors. The whole education was conducted via a live chat.

After that, he withdrew the rest of his funds and spent them on travelling. This was the sure way to leave his home in Idaho.

He met different people and negotiated with various businessmen, asking them whether they were interested in buying his business. In early 2015, he met a man who offered Erik $100K (or 300 BTC) for his startup. Finman thought for a while and chose the second option, as he believed that Bitcoins are “the next big thing”, not paying attention to the fact that the cryptocurrency lost nearly $200 per one for that moment. His parents were surprised and even confused, as they thought that taking money would be more reasonable, but Erik was sure he made a quite strong investment.

Today he owns 403 Bitcoins, that means that the whole capital costs nearly $3 million dollars. Erik doesn’t believe Warren Buffet’s statements about a possible Bitcoin crash, and he is sure that the price for BTC can rise in the future. Well, maybe he is right and the best times for bitcoins are not here yet. By the way, what do you think about it? Please comment, I’ll be glad to discuss.
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Top 5 #Podcasts About #Forex #Trading

I want to start with the statement that trading podcasts are not anyone’s cup of tea. Still, podcasts are useful and contain many practical tips on trading, #investing, risk managing, #trading psychology and other related to Forex topics. You can hunt for tips and tricks, or just listen to them if you’re looking for inspiration and motivation. In this article, I tried to gather only the best trading podcasts that will be useful for traders of any level from newbies to market experts.

What is a #podcast?

It is an audio program that can be played with a smartphone or iPod via iTunes. You can also listen to it on your laptop or desktop computer. Usually, such program lasts for around 20 minutes, but there are also podcasts that sound like radio-shows or audio-blogs. The trading podcast is an ideal choice for day-traders who want to save their time and dedicate it to trading mostly.

TOP-5 podcasts for traders:

Trader Radio
This is a podcast that was created by Rob Booker who used to host ‘The Traders podcast’ some time ago. It was launched in 2016 and the format is similar to his previous audio-show. It contains his thoughts on Forex, investing, practical advice on trading, trading systems, and so on. Sometimes, Rob talks to guests. Anyway, he is a nice speaker and an experienced expert, so you could try listening to this podcast.

Chat with traders
This is one the best and most well-known shows is host by Aaron Fifield. Every series is presented in the form of an interview with a professional trader or investor. He asks the right questions while discussing trading strategies and gets extensive answers from his guests that can be used as ready-made trading ideas. This podcast is useful both for newbies and expert traders.

The continuation is in the blog. Follow the link.
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The Best Chart Patterns Trading Tips
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#Bitcoins for Life: Didi Taihuttu’s Fascinating Story

Have you ever thought of selling all you have and buying Bitcoins for that money? I personally haven’t. But a man from Netherlands, Didi Taihuttu, has DONE it! He has sold all his things including a house (which he sold for 85 Bitcoins), a car, a motorbike, clothes, toys, and even shoes, and bought Bitcoin.

Yes, this #cryptocurrency has significantly risen during the last years, but I haven’t ever heard of people who gave away all their property to buy a few crypto coins. It may sound strange and someone can say that this man is mad.

But let’s leave all emotions away and find out why he did this.

Starting all over again?

Didi and his family are living in a camp near Venlo now. It’s in the Netherlands. He has sold his business and now buys Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies believing that they will make him rich in future. Didi says that they are an adventurous family and like to take a risk to make the life not so boring.

He also believes that the #Blockchain technology will change the order of how the things are going in the world and the society. He compares it to the Internet that provoked the informational revolution, so Bitcoin can also be a cause for the monetary system revolution.

Didi Taihuttu and his wife decided to sell everything in summer 2017. In October, they have just returned from a world trip. They visited Australia and Asia with their 3 daughters.

Before making that radical decision, Didi has lost his father who has died from an incurable illness, this was a trigger for selling the business and start travelling.

Why Bitcoins?

As Didi says, he was interested in cryptocurrencies from 2010. One #Bitcoin cost less than 1 euro that year. He cooperated with a friend, bought high-efficient computers and began Bitcoin #mining.

But after coins reached the ‘several dollars for one’ in 2013, Didi sold the whole crypto-capital he had.

Nevertheless, he had quite nice funds in dogecoins. When they began growing, Didi understood that something serious is happening in the world. Their price has risen by 10-20 times during a couple of years.

After a travel tour, where he met different people whose lives were somehow connected with Bitcoins (one was a financial broker who is trading Bitcoins now from South Africa, and another one was a crypto-trader from Dubai), he decided that this asset is worth investing everything. So, that’s how the idea of going “All in” was born.

A new life
Of course, a new style of living is not common to a family which lived in a 200 square-meter apartment. It may be a bit hard to live in a camp after having all materialistic comfortabilities. However, Didi likes their new life and says that his goal is not moneymaking, but showing the world to his daughters and helping poor people.

I think this is an AMAZING example of freedom and innovative mind!

I hope that his plan will come to life soon and Bitcoin will rise further, as I think that the mark where is it now is not a limit. Surely, I won’t sell my house and toys of my children to get more money for cryptocurrencies, but I can trade them in the dollar pair.
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Read some fascinating facts about #Bitcoin in my new article!
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How to Choose the Best #Indicators to Use for Day #Trading

When you start trading, you always need some technical helpers which will tell you: “Hey! Here is a nice entry point. Ans here’s an exit point, take profit, man!” These are technical indicators (and those that are mentioned in this article are even the best #Forex #technical #analysis indicators). They help you in defining a #trend and calculating when it’s better to enter/exit from the #market. Choose them wisely, as your success often will depend on them.

Remember that the ‘more is better’ approach doesn’t work here, as too many technical indicators will just confuse you. And finally, you get just lost in a plenty of them.

Trading with indicators VS no indicators at all
They help to work with the #price #movements, though some traders don’t use them at all. In fact, they aren’t required for earning the #profit. Those who can read the price charts have no problem with identifying patterns. For others, technical indicators are a sort of helpers in finding them. They just make patterns more obvious. Still, they can interfere or even spoil your trading, for example, if they show you a reversal too late.

In general, I can’t say if they are good or bad. Everything depends on the manner of using. The best technical analysis indicator may be a wrong instrument in the hands of a layman.

What is over-optimization?
The downside of trading with many technical indicators is confusion and reducing the effectiveness of trading. The most systems use common technical indicators and their work is based on the past results. They don’t consider the future changes in the market behavior, so they may be not efficient at all. You can optimize them, taking into account the principle “A always causes B”, but the main task is not to over-optimize.

The way to do it is using the standard indicator settings. Try not to reinvent a wheel and work with indicators as they are, but look how they work. I’ll tell you how to deal with different types to make the maximum profit.

Read the whole article here
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How to Develop Your Own #Trading #System

I’ve already written about different strategies and Forex trading tips for those who already have some real experience. But what should do those who have just entered the #Forex world? As every expert says, create your trading system. Sounds easy, but in fact, this phrase includes a series of steps that should be passed through obligatory. There is no short-cut way and I’m going to tell you what is this trading strategy (system) for and how to develop it properly.

Read the whole post in my blog -
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Do You Trust #Broker #Reviews?

Whether you choose a new laptop or a hotel for vacation, or just want to know if the movie is worth your attention – the first thing everyone does is browse the Internet looking for reviews. Each of us at least once visited the forums and review sites to inquire about what other users and visitors write.

Nowadays every product or service can be rated. You can find reviews about products and services on forums, special sites where users share their experience about a particular product, store, service. However, there are people who slander the companies or brands. It can be the user with multiple accounts or the group of users. Reviews are definitely worth trusting, but not all. It should be taken into account that the reviews may be made-to-order, both negative and positive.

While choosing something on the Internet, for example, a gadget, I always study technical characteristics at first. And only then I search for user’s feedback. I acted the same way when choosing a broker. I considered license, trading conditions, software offered by broker, support, reliability. And after check several resources, comparing reviews.
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