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Before and after
FIRST OFF:  NO CLASS NEXT WEEK, OCTOBER 14, 2016 Now, we left off last week with the moment that most stuck with us, the moment where we felt most conflict or feeling.  Now we want to set that moment up and to write what else happened. Just to be clear, whe...

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The moments
We get into our minds what something should look like, and we forget what it does  look like. Over the past two weeks, we have worked with putting together the feelings behind a joyful occasion: one that may have had more than just joy associated with it. Y...

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Hardly ever all there is
There's hardly ever a time in life when we've had only one feeling about something, and yet most of us are conditioned to judge and label an event with one word:  good, bad, happy, sad--you get the picture.  And that picture is really more of an animation t...

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Up and running!
Few joys in life tickle me more than hearing the neighborhood kids giggling together outside my window.  The delight is contagious, and I have to bite my lower lip to keep from joining in. It's these shared feelings that compel many of us to write.  We know...

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I Live in This Mess!
This is the first of a two-part topic.  In this post, I'd like you to consider exploring a "mess" from your life.  It can be anything: a literal mess and what caused it or an emotional mess and your conflicting feelings or a logistical mess and the convolut...

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Why you remember or why you want to tell this  story may be the most important question we can ask and the hardest to convey effectively in our writing.  Often, it feels that words fail to express the sheer import of events close to our hearts and many time...

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When I was a freshman in college, my neighbor down the hall spent a long night trying to convince me to switch my major to geography.  In her defense, she was more than slightly drunk when she argued that geography was a perfectly marketable degree.  Howeve...

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Some parts of life happen on a schedule, but other milestones can come as a surprise--from your first word to your first funeral.  Occasionally, the time  that something happened to you becomes important to how you perceive it.  Consider writing moments of ...

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Minor Characters
Last week, we talked about the Do You Know list.  Today, I'd like to talk a little about a Who You Know list. When we write our life stories, we have a tendency to stick with the events of central characters of our families, what those talking about creativ...

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We're back!
Welcome back!  As we meet again to begin writing, I wanted to share the Do You Know? Survey developed by Robyn Fivush and Marshall Duke that underscored the importance of storytelling in the family. The Do You Know Scale Please answer the following question...
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