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+Noah Stevens Yo' first player on the team DONE
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The Cthulhu Hack supplement The Haunter of the Dark - based, of course, on David's fine game engine - has been nominated in the 2017 ENnie Awards for Best Electronic Book, with voting kicking off from this time (more or less) next week.

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TBH boxes ...
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Card box: durable, looks GREAT
Plastic box: REALLY durable, looks ok

Here is an 'official' update on the progress of TBH2.


We are very close, I've sent a draft over to +Peter Regan and we've been talking about the document and what we would like to do with it. We're both in agreement that its good, i'm confident its in the right direction - i'm nervous but exited to hear what everyone else thinks.

So far we've got an A5 hardback with approx 120 pages of rules and tables and place for artwork. I'm working most evenings filling in the gaps, i'm constantly reading and re-reading, writing over things in passes, the workload erodes but never ends.

The book is 70-80% done, the core game is pretty much finished and written - albeit some last minute tweaks. The rest is mostly system work and tables, here's whats left to do :

5 Tables - Settlement, Tavern, Terrain feature, Encounter, Finding new spells.
Turn Tracker.
Town Drop Map page.
Treasure drop table.
16 (current) Monsters.
Approx 4 traps.
4 medical effects.
Overland faction 12 steps.
Draw shit on hexmap.

Still a lot to do, but the end is in sight, just filling in the cracks now. Which means its probably ready to do some public testing with. I might run a few games, but i'd probably be more interested in some small read troughs of sections and we talk about what it does right, but more importantly what it does badly or not at all! More on that maybe tomorrow.

So yeah, getting there.

Rule rumination .. POWERFUL OPPONENTS: If the Character is lower in Level than the target or source of an Attribute test, the player should additionally roll a d4 when taking the Test.

You've got a random creature encounter generator that uses all the dice in one go (except the d20) What do you put on the tables for the d4 - d12?

Give me your most compact, descriptive -- potentially story lead -- object that each of the 4-core classes could start with .. winners get a thank you in the next edition. #thismightbecomearegularthing

please note! when i say compact, you better believe I mean minimal.

Whats the most classic vanilla 'interesting' magic item? like bracers of ogre strength or whatever - not +1 longsword. That's not interesting.

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