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Good review of a good thing by a good guy. It's Good.
New DIY DnD video review, this time of +Karl Stjernberg's The Rad-Hack, a post apocalyptic scifi revision of +David Black's Black Hack.

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Current progress

I'm looking to find a cartographer who's style would suit TBH, any suggestions?

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THE BLACK HACK for a good cause!
Hope it's OK to post about this here.

I will be participating in a gaming marathon for charity from approximately 2100 on Friday 24th Feb for the charity Special Effect. They are a charity that creates custom game controls that allows people with special needs to play video games.

The charity event is called Gameblast, it's primarily people playing video games for 24 hours. But I've decided to play 24 hours of TBH (my first time playing TBH) instead.

I will be part of Team Testology, a team composed of work colleagues and friends.
I will be live streaming the game on Twitch if you are at all interested watching.
The Team Testology live stream is

My JustGiving page is if you want to make a donation.
The Team Testology JustGiving page is

Of course you can join the fun and do your own 24 hour Gameblast marathon gaming session too. Just see the Special Effect page for more info.

Thank's for reading.

+Matthew Skail Made a Vampire game - "The Blood Hack" just seen a review of that, please give us an elevator pitch, and specifically how your handling blood pools and backgrounds!

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Casting: blogpostresurrection

If you have a new group of players/session zero type thing - have each of them one by one fill out the following matrix, then they can each choose stats from it, one-by-one, crossing them off as they go (you know, like you'd pick people for gym class)

+Greg Gorgonmilk you clever fucker you.

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Please feedback on this, something i'm running some players through and is a good opportunity to test layout and functionality - i'm less interested in receiving feedback on content, as, i didn't write this, just abridged it. So...

If you download it - please feedback! x

Finally had to turn off all notifications for the DCCRPG community, it's great that you all got multiple copies of the same book albeit with different covers but roger me sideways I didn't need a photo from every one of you to prove it.

I feel like if you don't have a facsimile of Nurgle in your D&D universe you're doing it wrong. I could be mistaken mind you. #Imnot

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More brain thoughts - This time it's deffo optional rules.
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