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Kuffs Password Safe
For Windows and Android Platforms
For Windows and Android Platforms


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If there is something you would like to see in the next version, now is the time to speak up.
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Password Safe is showing its age.

I'm considering a re-write (Material design) but I need to make the time investment worth it.  It just isn't viable for a small developer to sell an app and then provide free updates and free support for as long as the user is using it. I therefore need to consider a different model.

Ideally I would provide minor updates free of charge and then charge for major ones but Play Store\Google do not support this.

From what I can see, I have a couple of options.

1. Subscription model where you pay to keep using the app on as many devices as you like. A small amount every year. e.g £3 a year

2. Activation model where you pay for each device you install onto. e.g £2 Activations would be non-transferable. Factory reset your phone and it would be treated as a new activation (because the phones ID would change). Uninstalling and re-installing would not cause you to need a new activation.

I know both options give you less that the current model of free everything for life after your initial purchase but that model just doesn't pay and as a result, you get less development because it just isn't worth the investment of time to produce updates.

Something that should be remembered when you buy an app.  Only around 50% of the price you pay goes to the developer.  20% is paid in government taxes (VAT) and 30% goes to Google.  Of the remaining 50%, I then have to declare and pay income tax on it.

Which would you prefer? Note that the "Keep it as it is" option would simply mean that the app would NOT be rewritten at all.
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Keep it as it is
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Password Safe Pro finally has a WinRT version too! The italian developer Sergio Pedri just published OneLocker, a password manager for Windows Phone 8.1 that's 100% compatible with Password Safe Pro.
This is the link to the Store:

The app supports all the features that are available on the Android and Windows counterparts: it is possible to create and edit cards and folders, and each card can contain any number of custom fields.
It is possible to mark items as favorites, to create and view groups and to add cards to the ICE table to be able to see them using a secondary account.
You can copy, cut, paste and duplicate items just like in the Android and Windows version.

OneLocker can backup and sync its database on OneDrive and Dropbox, and it can also export the data in CSV format, in case you want to see your passwords using Excel or other programs.

There is a tool to generate a random password and one to check the strength of a password, and OneLocker can also show some statistics on the whole database as well as on specific folders.
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It is damaging to enthusiasm when people go directly to giving one star "reviews" instead of asking for help.

Recent updates were only done because users specifically requested that the app continue to be maintained. I now wish I hadn't bothered and it is not likely that there will be future updates unless it is to fix a critical bug.

Why is negativity and rudeness the first call for so many people?
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There will be a very early Alpha version of Password Safe 4 posted on the new Testers Community Page soon.

Please join the community if you would like more information.

I will post more details there soon.
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Squashing the bugs. It surprises me how many people run such old versions of the app. Apologies if you have been affected.

Some issues are bugs in certain versions of Android that I did not know about
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I put out a major update today. I hate releasing major updates because so many people ignore the instructions and then just post negative comments when it doesn't do what they expected. It really puts me off updating the app.

What is so difficult about "Get in touch if you have a problem"? Why do people prefer to post anonymous comments instead of trying to get their problem resolved?

Please help me out and balance the idiot posts with some normal ones. Thanks :)
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Comment on Play Store.

" can't find any contact info on the developer other than a generic website with absolutely NO support available"


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