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Advanced Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions
Advanced Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solutions


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4 Ways Vehicle Tracking Can Improve Efficiency

Employing a high quality, reliable vehicle tracking system can greatly improve the performance of your vehicle fleet, optimising your business and increasing profits. Those that still do not employ such technologies are finding themselves at a disadvantage, with their competitors being able to improve performance, increase customer satisfaction and boost profits. For those still uncertain as to the benefits of tracking here are four ways such systems can greatly improve the efficiency of your business:
1. Most contemporary vehicle tracking systems offer a live map read out that is accessible at company headquarters. This allows the dispatch officer to see all the units currently active in the field, note their exact speed, journey duration and track delivery or arrival times. An easy to use and customised report can be created at the end of each shift or working day, this data can then be stored and analysed. Meaning employee reviews are based upon tangible evidence and poor performance can be dealt with.
2. The administrative processes that your business relies on also become stream lined and efficient. Piles of messy paper work can become a thing of the past as all data is collected and collated electronically. You are able to shape your tracking system to your needs and only accumulate the information that is vital to the improved performance of your company. You will also be able to create accurate route histories, ensuring your drivers are taking the quickest possible routes.
3. Fuel costs will be reduced with the introduction of vehicle tracking as you are better able to construct time saving routes. Employees will no longer be able to use the vehicles for personal errands eradicating unnecessary journeys. Your carbon footprint will also decrease, meaning you will not only be running a profitable businesses but one that is aware of and concerned about the environment.
4. Correspondence with clients can be reduced because the accuracy of the information you provide will increase. Delivery, pick up and arrival times can be more closely plotted meaning client and business interactions can be short and less frequent. This level of accuracy also leads to greater client confidence and satisfaction which in turn leads to repeat business and improved company reputation. Not only can vehicle tracking lead to a better reputation amongst your current customer base, it also increases the likelihood that you will reach an entirely new audience.

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