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Going Beyond All Maps and Boundaries
Going Beyond All Maps and Boundaries

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August 30, 2012 (10 photos)
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LiDAR is the preferred tool when mapping large areas of land.What is LiDAR and why is it the best choice in land development?
LiDAR is an infrared laser mounted on an aircraft that scans the ground. It determines spot elevations for millions of map locations. 266,000 pulses per second are collected. Typical Lidar use is building Digital Elevation Models (DEM).

Today, the Florida Water Management Districts and other agencies are using LiDAR to map their entire management area. And it's cost effective for areas with light to heavy vegetation.

One foot contours can be developed and used to determine drainage basins and more. In most cases ACA procedures meet or exceed FEMA guidelines

LiDAR produces multiple points per square meter on the ground when using a high pulse rate sensor. ACA uses sensors ranging from 100 to 167 thousand pulses per second. With these we are assured of obtaining many hits to the ground within a square meter.

Final editing of the data is performed with a combination of photogrammetric and other tools. Photogrammetry is ideal for collecting all man-made features as well as the QA/QC of the LiDAR points. Digital delivery of the finished product is available in a variety of formats and media.

False color IR film was the preferred choice to study wetlands and other protected areas for many years. With the introduction of digital sensors, there is more information available than ever before.

A digital camera can simultaneously provide three forms of image type: black and white, color and false color. The use of color and false color images is endless as it brings out signatures that are not visible in normal black and white photography.

ACA provides all forms of aerial products with both film and digital equipment. We've spent the past several years perfecting aerial flights specifically for these environmental concerns, including large protected areas of forestry, orange groves and coastal sea grass areas.

As always, it's the experience, dedication and know-how to deliver the right product for the right purpose that makes ACA the superior choice.

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ACA provides precision topographic maps for the determination of ground and water surface profiles for floodplain delineation. These precision maps enable hydrologic and hydraulic modeling to manage water resources and update Digital Flood Insurance Rate Maps (DFIRM). Using the UCX Large Format Digital Mapping camera and the Riegl 680i 400Khz full waveform LiDAR sensor, ACA creates accurate 3D surface models that are hydro flattened to map critical water conveyances. The full wave form LiDAR performance enables ACA to get results in the most challenging vegetation, wetlands, and forest conditions.

ACA’s map products meet and exceed NSSDA and NMAS accuracy standards. As licensed Professional Surveyors and Mappers, each watershed and floodplain mapping product includes a detailed survey and map report and full meta data file.

ACA also provides more advanced data fusion products with the incorporation of Color Infrared and Hyperspectral imagery. These 3D fused map products enable the highest form of analytical modeling and analysis of water bodies, ground surfaces, wetlands, vegetation, and forests, from the upland, to the river, to the ocean. ACA’s experience in precision watershed map products is industry leading.

Applications Include:

DFIRM Updates
Natural Flood and Erosion Control
Water Resource Management
Water Quality Maintenance
Ground Water Recharge
Fish and Wildlife Habitat

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ACA is among the nation’s leading experts in Power Line and Pipeline LiDAR acquisition, processing, and mapping. ACA operates multiple airborne sensors, including LiDAR, Large Format Digital Mapping Cameras, and High Definition Video/Oblique & Nadir, to provide a broad range of high quality digital solutions that meet and exceed our customer’s need for precision power line/corridor mapping.
ACA provides advanced LiDAR mapping solutions using the latest Riegl LMS-Q680i 400Khz Full Waveform Sensor, UCX Large Format Mapping Camera, and Sony High Definition Video Systems. Using helicopter and fixed wing aircraft ACA provides cost effective accurate 3D surface models of the Ground, Vegetation, Tree Canopy, Structures, Catenaries, Points of Attachment, Cable Crossovers, Encroachment, and Roads.

Applications of LiDAR, Digital Imaging & Video

Cellular Network Design
Transmission Line Design
Solar / Wind Farm Design
Power Plant Design/Expansion
Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines
Urban 3D Modeling

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ACA is among the nation’s experts on Aeronautical Obstruction Surveys. Our aviation trained staff has accomplished aerial data acquisition for the major airports . Our airport projects include GPS control surveys, FAA obstruction analysis, and ALP base mapping. We have the capacity and resources to provide geospatial services for any of your FAA/NOAA/NGS airport needs.

ACA Specializes in FAA Advisory Circular Part 16A, 17B, and 18B Services

As aviation mapping specialists, ACA has over 36 years of experience conducting and preparing mapping surveys for airports. We offer precise and detailed technology for identifying airport obstructions and mitigations.

ACA operates multiple aerial aircraft with Airborne GPS (ABGPS) and Inertial Measuring Unit (IMU) technology for Image acquisition. To produce highly accurate 3D models of bare earth and above ground objects and obstructions, such as towers, buildings, and vegetation, ACA’s geospatial toolbox includes Fixed Wing Digital UCX Imaging and Low Altitude LAMP Helicopter Mapping. In addition, where appropriate, ACA’s advanced approach includes simultaneous LiDAR 400KHZ acquisition along with the UCX digital system, saving time and money on each project. Once combined, these geo-referenced images and 3D data are exceptional for obstruction analysis of existing or future runways and airspace.

ACA is known for delivering precision and accurate airport data and has accomplished comprehensive photogrammetric mapping of airport facilities with all mapping and surveying meeting or exceeding the FAA/NOAA/NGS specifications and requirements.

Applications for Aeronautical Surveys

Aerial Photography
Airport Layout Plans
Obstruction Mapping & Identification
Planimetric Updates
Airport Facility Mapping
GPS Approach Surveys
Pavement Inventory / Design
3D Mapping DEM/DTM
PAC & SAC Installation
GIS Data Conversion / Development

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ACA is the leader and expert in Low Altitude and Medium Altitude Mapping Photography LAMP/MAMP. ACA pioneered this technology 20 years ago and has flown over 1500 miles of roads, Interstates, interchanges and rail corridors with this unique photogrammetric mapping approach. Our experienced compilers collect Digital Terrain Model elevations at an astounding survey grade vertical accuracy better than +/- 0.05 ft. Our licensed professionals have successfully completed major interstate projects exceeding technical specifications and client expectations.

LAMP is the safest technical approach to create a new Digital Terrain Model of the hard paved surfaces and the right of way corridor. It keeps surveyors out of harms way while at the same time using licensed surveying professionals to collect required ground data for a fully integrated DTM.

MAMP is the same as LAMP except it is flown at a higher altitude creating a DTM with a vertical accuracy of +/- 0.10 ft. MAMP is less costly than LAMP for projects with tighter cost constraints.

LAMP: Low Altitude Mapping Photography

Applications for LAMP & MAMP Photography

Airport Runways & Taxiways
Intermodal Connections

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In the last 6 months ACA has delivered multiple transmission line corridor projects to Utilities requiring high accuracy mapping and modeling. ACA provided total solutions that included:

New LiDAR at +/- 30 Points Per Square Meter
-New Orthos at 2-6 Inch Pixels, Color and Color Infrared
-Point Data Accuracy of .25ft (X&Y)
-Weather Station Data Providing Wind, Temperature and More
-Ground Truthing and Critical Design Shots on the Structures
-Color Geo Tagged Oblique Imagery, Still and Video
-3D planimetrics to Utilities Feature Codes
-PLS-CADD Method 1 Modeling including Finite Element Analysis
-IEEE 738-2006 Conductor Modeling, Temperature, SAGS, and Tensions
-NESC Clearance Violation Reporting
-Auto CADD Plan and Profile Sheets for Design and Vegetation Maintenance
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