It's time to get an indication of how many people will walk with us or intend to join this walk. 

Needless to say but I'll do it anyway, there is no obligation. We just want to know how big the group possible is going to be.

Below the names of people who are so excited and can not wait to join the walk.

+Jo Garrett +Rogier Rood +Nikola Nikolski +Arwin Meijer (Nick no account on G+) +Andy Boekholt +Laszlo Németh +Lucia Tovar Ruiz 

So, if you have decided for yourself and think there is big chance that you are going, comment with "I'm in!"

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We (+Jo Garrett +Rogier Rood +Arwin Meijer and +Nikola Nikolski) have made progress in organizing #dutchphotowalk and we like to share that with you.
If this is the first time you read about #dutchphotowalk we organize read the post below also!

So whats new:

_After several proposals on route we agreed that this is the route we will walk _
It is an interesting route with ancient architecture, interesting people and many more.
Intention is that we take time to take pictures of course as a group but no obligations.
We have considered how to keep you up to date about this event and also in the future. We have designed a website Dutch Photo Walk _ 
If you like to follow latest developments circle us. We will circle you back and keep up you up to date about this and future events.
This is also a nice place for photos to show from our walk.

That's it for now, more coming...

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I just want to let you know that I have decided to organize a #DutchPhotoWalk with some G+ friends so that you can put the date in your agenda.

The details of the walk are still being worked out but we have already fixed the city, which will be Amsterdam. We have some great ideas for the route and spots to see.

If you like the idea keep 17-June free and watch for more detailed information to follow soon.

Everyone is invited, it does not matter what camera you have to make your photos. it's about to have a nice day and maybe something learn from each other, no obligations.

Don't be scared to share this post with people you know ;-)
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