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✔ Verified (Not really, but I should be. I promise, I am Ryan Conrad)
✔ Verified (Not really, but I should be. I promise, I am Ryan Conrad)

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Droid Explorer Beta Released

* Added support for connecting to devices via TCP/IP
* New web service for getting device icons. 
* Upgraded .NET Framework Requirement to 4.5.1
* Device lookup now uses 'detailed' call. Gets device name, model, and product name. see adb devices -l.
* Redesigned the GenericDeviceSelectionForm
* Updated the [default] image for devices
* Options Windows: added information to show the build tools version that is being used. [workitem:17313]
* Added ActiveMenu to add button to DWM. 
* Moved DDMS launcher to be a plugin
* Moved Hierarchy Viewer to be a plugin
* Removed the "reboot" buttons, instead there is now a reboot plugin that supports all forms of reboot: normal, recovery, bootloader, download. 
* Added a warning dialog when the app launches that will let the user know if droid explorer was unable to gain root access via adb root.
* Some refactoring to some plugins, like the shell, so it can be launched independently. 
* Added links to ask questions on android enthusiasts. 
* Removing some code that is unused.
* removed out of date plugins / tools.
* Some refactoring of the ConsoleControl. Moved to the Core.UI. Added reference to Camalot.Common. 
* Updated LogCat to use ConsoleControl. 
* Updated the Debug Console to use ConsoleControl.
* Updated ConsoleWriter to work with the ConsoleControl.
* Added OutputProcessors to handle different content for logging.
* Adb Root call is now called during initialization, after device selection. 
* if adb root fails, a warning is displayed to the user. Future warnings can be ignored.
* A minor redesign to the splash screen. 
* Plugins are now grouped in to separate toolbars.
* Added SDK Manager plugin
* Added AVD Manager plugin
* updated some icons across the application. 
* Plugins now grouped in the plugin menu. 
* Fixed the cloud image path to support the new site. 
* Fixed the file names when transfering to PC to remove invalid characters.
* Fixed the device monitor service. 
* Added PluginSettings (not yet used really)
* Added AdbScanner (test) to find adb devices on network.
* Added icon handler interface
* Added picture extension handler using the icon handler interface
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Where's My Chainsaw? is a game about life in the zombie apocalypse, which of course means it is full of adventure and hilarity. Players compete to see who can achieve victory, or at least to see who will be the last one alive...

Inspired by the possibilities found in Munchkin but frustration with its gameplay relying on random luck, "Where's My Chainsaw?" is a strategy-based evolution that minimizes randomness and emphasizes social interaction. You'll also find many added game mechanics we've loved over the years, such as varying win conditions, multiple forms of currency, and a strong comeback mechanic to ensure everyone stays in the game. Are you curious what a "take-that" game would be like if it was designed for serious gamers? So were we!
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The first 3 minutes of this video talks about the importance of Automated Continuous Delivery. It tells the story of Knight Capital Group, who, in 2012, lost 460 Million Dollars in 45 minutes, all because some person doing the deploy made a mistake on 1 out of the 9 servers he was deploying to.

I don't know how good the rest of the video is, because I haven't watched it yet. I thought it was worth sharing after the first 3 minutes.
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Spent part of my day home sick creating a Stylish for Amazon Echo desktop app based on material design. It's a start.
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