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Totally LOVING this book! A great read thus far ^_^
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Pretty easy read? How's Scala coming for you?
Scala actors is a concept, but Programming in Scala 2ed is a really east read especially the first 8 or so chapters. It is a little different/weird/complex.

The functional programming is really nice to me and I think I have a good working knowledge of it. I am going to try and do some programming contests in it at some point.
It isn't that "clean" per-say, but thats not what I am looking for. It does feel way more powerful than java and it is kinda fun to write in.

The best thing for me is how easy it is to parallelize some functional operators. Ex: x => x*2) // Multiply each item by two x => x*2) // Boom, with no imports
Have you looked into Google Go, for comparison?
I haven't messed with Go at all. Last time I checked there weren't any official Windows Binaries available for Go Dabbling from a windows box. When I finally join #TeamMacbook I plan to mess around with it ^_^
If I may make a suggestion: #TeamMacbook is best enjoyed at 15" minimum. I went #TeamWhiteMacbook last year and while it has been fun, more screen real estate is ESSENTIAL. As is more horsepower.
Definitely! Anything less than 15" would be uncivilized
On the other hand, the 13" will drive a 23" monitor on my desktop at 1080p perfectly fine. I think it'll even do a 27" cinema display.
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