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Walter Riker
Life is not in beta so you just have to find out what is out there now.
Life is not in beta so you just have to find out what is out there now.
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Tim Cook Receives the 2017 Free Expression Award
Tim Cook, CEO Apple, Inc. Tim Cook receives the 2017 Free Expression Award in Washington D. C. from Newseum  on April 18th. I think Tim Cook personifies this award and his thoughts expressed at the ceremony (see links below for notes) are something we shoul...

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Surface Pro Onscreen Keyboard Needs Update/Replacement
I really do like my Microsoft Surface Pro 4 however the keyboard is useless when attempting to use this device as a tablet. After years of having a swype like keyboard (whether its Swype, Google, or some facsimile) on Android or Apple devices this Surface P...

OneNote having same issues as Word. I wrote recently about issues with Word on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 running Android 6.0.1 where text would disappear in chunk's if I used the backspace and sometimes the space-bar. Well it is now happening in OneNote. I know the dominance of this forum is Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, however; OneNote is part of the Office package/environment. 

I had not used Word since the last update and in attempting to answer the question from Joshua re: Letterhead I found that so many things have stopped working in Word. I enter a space and it erases prior text. I cannot backspace without losing complete words. WOW! I cannot use this as I had been doing. Is it the Google Keyboard with swype like typing that is causing my issue?

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This is fun. Share information and pictures of places you visit.

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Insider Newsletter
Back sometime ago I promoted a newsletter whose foundation has been created by Jason Calacanis. I am back again and asking that if you are interested please use the link to sign up and take a look. That's right, I want to bec...

This is just positive feedback. I am an Office 365 user and currently working with Word 2016 on my laptop. I have started using Word on my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (running Android 5.1.1) with great success. I use the Google Swype like keyboard (which I love).

I used to start documents in note taking software and now I start them directly in Word. No more coping and pasting. No problem highlighting, changing font colors, using bullet lists, and more.

I can use either the keyboard or the microphone for dictation. When done I can save it to OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive and then open and edit on my laptop - without issues.

I thoroughly like my Word for Android. 

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Change is inevitable, we just adjust and move on.
I wanted to do some reading this morning and I do all my reading digitally. This morning being no different I left the house with my iPad . Now I have to say that I have a Nexus 7 (First Edition) and  since I have expanded my horizons the Nexus 7 just sits ...

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Is the fear of A.I. justified?
There are number of intellectual people today that have expressed a fear of the growth of A.I without some over site. .I have not paid a great deal of attention to their position although I respect the individuals who are questioning this research. That was...

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Smart Home–Intelligent Home or Just Cool Stuff?
I do believe there is a place for this “Cool Stuff” and if 2016
is to be the year of the Smart Home – I heard someone say – I had to look into
this. The following is our foray into Smart Home/Intelligent Home
technology. All of this technology is run by ...
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