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Alexander Lingtorp
När något funkar så tar jag genast isär det och kollar varför.
När något funkar så tar jag genast isär det och kollar varför.

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Min årliga kommentar för i år; Blir bara bättre med åren!! :D

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Think-aloud with my parents
For this think-aloud I sat down with my parents, one at a time and observered how they interacted with our design prototype. All the testing was done on a live iPhone running the prototype. The main goal of this test is to see if the workflow of the applica...

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Update on prototypes #3
Yesterday, 2015-03-09, the group finished the second iteration of the highfidelity prototype for the companion application. The remaining prototype; the website and printout, still needs their second iteration. These pictures are user interface screenshots ...

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Update on prototypes #2
Before exercise #4 we made some high-fidelity prototypes for the companion app for the design Route Planner. Below is the first screen which will be the first thing you encounter. The purpose of this screen is to sort the routes presented in a general fashi...

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Feedback from Exercise #4
During the fourth exercise we presented our designs and progress so far. The feedback inspired a couple of ideas for our design "Route Planner", which is by the way still a placeholder name. This post is about some ideas and concepts. Feedback One of the im...

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Reading Seminar #2
Here are my notes to the second reading seminar! I have some points I really want to bring up and discuss plus somethings I want to highlight, hence the bulletpoints. Conceptual model  are best done with wireframes , which is what we in our team have been d...

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Parallell Design Update #1 - Conventional
Parallell Design - Conventional While at this weeks exercise we were tasked with a brainstorming session. During this brainstorming we came up with a bunch of ideas and crazy things. This post is going to cover the first of these two design,  the convention...

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State-of-the-art Analysis - Alexander Lingtorp
Preface When visiting Tekniska Museet I arrived early so I had to wait for the others. I went to sit on a bench in the entrance hall near the closed ticket vendor area. While sitting there pondering I noticed how people moved through the area. The entrance ...

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Interviews of museum visitors at Tekniska Museumet
Today our group interviewed one person each at Tekniska Museumet. When we started sketching the interview questions we referred heavily to the exercise slides. The example questions there inspired our own questions.  So, from these; " Who are they? What do ...
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