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Mark Moissette (ckaos)
Repraper, Pythonista, Tinkerer, geek
Repraper, Pythonista, Tinkerer, geek

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Cloudbleed. The scale of this vulnerability is absolutely immense. Everything is potentially compromised, for thousands of sites, including your password managers.

Potentially compromised sites are here: I see AP on the list, but not for some reason, though I don't see what that reason could be.

We don't really have user accounts outside of staff, and we use our own SSL cert for all auth (full SSL, not flexible SSL), but since Cloudflare is basically MitM even for SSL requests, I think even HTTPS responses could have been leaked in plaintext. And now cached by numerous search engines and caches across the web.

Cloudflare's response is here It's very long.

The fallout from this vulnerability will potentially be worse than Heartbleed. What a clusterfuck.

Definitely puts the whole Cloudflare is breaking security for the web notion in perspective. 

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Oh for fucks sake !!! Any doubt that there is a war against the poor and """foreigners"""" ??

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Those prices at the end made me spaz out a bit : insanely cheap !
But beware => too cheap => potentially damaging to you & the planet
(also you tend to need to spend a lot extra time anger, and need to swap things out after a while)

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I think that the interior lighting can be improved by covering the surfaces with adhesive plastic mirrors. Since it's open source I would say that it is not a problem.

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the title is a tad misleading, but still, wow, that is insanely cool !
So many earth sized planets in the goldilocks zone etc is very very cool !

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Growth is good, and tasty ! Able to pick and eat salad leaves/ parlsley white onion leaves every few days now.
Just to put things in perspective: this system has about 40 l of water (small aquarium) with 6 goldfish, a 11w pump and two led panels and it keeps on giving !
Also white onions are essentially for free : buy some in shop, eat them, plant them eat them over and over !
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These students created a revolutionary device that could transform the lives of the blind community.

(via +Mashable)

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I love the style of this trailer. Nice old school palette and "Stranger Things"-like synth pop soundtrack. Hope to see a Kickstarter soon.
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