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Mark Moissette (ckaos)

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Trying to get back on track with sensor network: mqtt on esp8266 : (water depth and temperature, etc). Turns out less than 2 hours of continuous sleep the previous night does NOT help : incredible isn't it ?
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Mark Moissette (ckaos)

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Pushed myself to do a (Half hearted ) attempt at quick (2 days) & dirty RC stuff (boat) with Esp8266: rudder (servo) works but the rest (brushless motor comtrol ) is meh: my brain is just not playing along 
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Mark Moissette (ckaos)

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Better than a kid's house for the garden ? A FOLDABLE kid's house for the garden.
Remove roof, fold it and voila ! Stored for winter.
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+Mark Moissette hey, you could use peltier modules to regulate the temperature in the greenhouse ;)
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Mark Moissette (ckaos)

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Hi folks ! trying to choose between
7805 regulator vs to provide 5V power for usb devices & sensors from a 12V solar setup (don't have a ton of power to spare)
- this is meant to run 24/7
- the price is obviously way higher for the Pololu (ten fold)
- but the Pololu can provide more than twice the current
- and the efficency of the Pololu is WAY higher than the 7805
- the 7805 will likely need a heatsink, and will waste a non trivial amount of power on ...heat

Thanks in advance!
This small synchronous switching step-down (or buck) regulator takes an input voltage of up to 38 V and efficiently reduces it to 5 V. The board measures only 0.7″ × 0.7″, but it allows a typical continuous output current of up to 2.5 A. Typical efficiencies of 85% to 95% make this regulator well suited for powering moderate loads like sensors or small motors. High efficiencies are maintained at light loads by dynamically changing the switchi...
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I am with +Thomas Sanladerer​, I never use linear regulators when the voltage drop is high. For small voltage drop I use LDOs like the MCP1702 family (e.g. 5v to 3v3). Else switching supplies (12v+ to 5 or 3v) are still dirt cheap and they are no heaters like the 78xx.
They are said to be noisier, but I have yet to find a case where they impacted me (and I should check with a scope by myself to see how well filtering caps do their job).
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Mark Moissette (ckaos)

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Garden house for the kiddo ! In progress...
Yes I am addicted to building stuff !
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+Alberto Valero Gomez  I will put BOM /docs online when it is done : perhaps simply into a git repo on Github?

btw these were all made "analog" no digital drawings or anything, but it would beg for a parametric design (based on locally available wooden parts) , I am just too damn lazy for OpenScad , sorry :(
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Mark Moissette (ckaos)

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Biggest failure of this summer : total "crash" of the "fish" side of the aquaponics system and death of all the fish :
it was a really bad chain reaction that took place over a few weeks :
hospital stay => no one to feed the fish => death of the largest fish => no one to remove the body immediately => nitrate spike => fish dying one by one

I am still not 100% sure if the why the nitrate spike was continuing despite my attempts: water change (over 50 %) , reduction in feeding etc

Some fish also showed signs of a weird disease (gaping mouth, not eating), so perhaps the high temperature s also allowed proliferation of bacteria ?
I am keeping the system running for a few weeks without fish before I try re introducing some again.

If you have any insights please let me know !
Ps : I need to cut down the lettuce, to let the rest grow better ( parsley, rocket , onions all seem to be doing great)

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+Jeremie Francois  hahaha , yeah that sounds about right !
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Mark Moissette (ckaos)

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Hi folks, I am looking for a tool (a set of ?) to manage systems ( images/installs) for embedded system like Rapsberry Pi , Olimex boards etc :
- I want to be able to have reproducible systems
- be able to quickly deploy
- easilly backupable
- not sure if I should go with docker & co (I explored a bit of VM + Docker, but have not had time to do much).

I just don't want to work directly on the boards and lose everything everytime the SD cards get corrupted (happens WAY to often on Raspi, lost a ton of work).
Also want to be able to deploy to a new device "quickly", improve the images etc

Thanks in advance !
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+matthew bennett  thanks for the infos and scripts ! Anything that does not require a complex architecture (ie only ssh/scp) is very good in my book, thanks !
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Mark Moissette (ckaos)

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Insanely promising! The esp8266 single handled ly re-sparked my love for small / embeded hardware , and the esp32 seems to more than live up to its ancestor !
Also big kudos to Espressif for a "publicly" develop ped sdk (on Github, see article).
The ESP32 is looking like an amazing chip, not the least for its price point. It combines WiFi and Bluetooth wireless capabilities with two CPU cores and a decent hardware peripheral set. There were modules in the wild for just under seven US dollars…
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+Tom Nardi the amount of projects , programing languages ported to it etc, is amazing, and I love how It allows you to basically have a very cheap Arduino with wifi access! Well worth it.
Btw I recomend the Olimex boards, they have been more reliable then some of the other ones I tried, and they break out all the pins.

+ThantiK it is kindof insane, I really expected a "quick and dirty" V2 , not this level of awesome insanity !
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Mark Moissette (ckaos)

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Using a Raspberry Pi, Pi IR camera, touch LCD and a few other items of tech, Ebin Philip has built an Ophthalmoscope for under $400, allowing eyes to be scanned for retinal diseases.

The portable device aids the discovery of Diabetic Retinopathy, with units averaging $10,000 - $25,000 if purchased.

Discovering Diabetic Retinopathy early can aid in the prevention of blindness in diabetics, with the increase of the condition increasing year on year.
Diabetic Retinopathy is a complication of diabetes causing damage to the retina, eventually leading to blindness. The cost of state of the art retinal imaging devices required for identifying this disorder lies in the range $10,000 - $25,000. This makes them inaccessible for the population in rural areas or developing countries. We aim to develop a device under $400 which can provide reasonable quality retinal images to clinicians.
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Mark Moissette (ckaos)

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Achievement unlocked ! Bike power upgraded!

Also 25 euros of "discarded" wood + plexiglass is awesome !
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You know this are a positive term for we normal people hahaha..... anyway your is a good choise
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Mark Moissette (ckaos)

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This is fantastic ! Medecine, engineering and so much more !
Murgen: open source ultrasound imaging
Developing an open-source, low-cost technological DIY kit to allow scientists, academics, hackers, makers or OSH fans to hack their way to ultrasound imaging.
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Mark Moissette (ckaos)

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Crap that is a lot of death & pain over the span of just a few days..

But sadly not surprising: apparently the guy had psychological issues, was suicidal etc ... horrible but sad.
Before the onslaught of hateful reactions please consider this :
what kind of impact all these have
- having to leave a war torn country (that country was your HOME, for better or worse, your friends and family always were there etc)
- possibly having seen the death of your family and friends
- facing the hardships of getting to Europe (if you don't drown or otherwise get killed in the process)
- getting to a different country , where they speak a language you do not understand, where you are hated just because you are a foreigner/refugee, where you are isolated and lost
- then get told you need to go back

Are any of you claiming you would not have snapped at any of those points? I honestly don't think I would be able to survive even the first few ordeals.
It does not excuse anything, does not make the death go away, it is just the sad reality, these are HUMANS just like you or me, so before you go and side with the racists , try to picture yourself, or your friends , or your children going through all this ...
More hate and 'closing borders' mentality will not solve ANY of it.
A failed Syrian asylum seeker blows himself up and injures 12 other people with a backpack bomb near a festival in the south German town of Ansbach.
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Like +Arthur Wolf, I like discussing ideas and believe that the world is a better place by listening to ideas that I may not agree with and then presenting my point of view. When someones point of view is validly argued, I do regularly change my mind on things. Saying that I won't ever change my mind is historically inaccurate based on all of the things that I've changed my mind on before. Like Arthur, I'm about as far left as you can get without being a lunatic. I believe that everyone should have equal opportunities, I'll be voting for Jill Stein this upcoming election cycle, I believe in universal healthcare, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, etc. But I cannot turn a blind eye to an ideology which a large portion of the world shares which is homophobic, anti-woman, anti-freedom, anti-speech.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not offended, enraged, or any other similar word. I'm merely here discussing a viewpoint and pointing out failures in your presentation of that viewpoint.

Getting mad and telling people to "just not reply" is extremely close minded. If you're that afraid of discussing your viewpoint, that means somewhere deep down you know there is something wrong with it.
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