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Mark Moissette (ckaos)

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Left way to soon, RIP, and may he live again on top of turtles and elephants.
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Yeah ! first water tightness testing of printed seal/outflow etc for aquaponics grow bed: all fine after 24 h

Cad files etc here (in cad folder) (work in progress , pictures and documentation coming soon!

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Can't wait to get to do this.... One day...
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Mark Moissette (ckaos)

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Hi folks , I would really love some "mental" help and feedback on this subject:
namely: a format for describing a hierarchy of parts , and constraints/joints : 
- right now I have a tree like data structure something like 

- but I also want to be able to define joints (such as prismatic, revolute, etc) ,  and their limits basically, something very similar to the URDF format ( .

The format i am working on is still intended to
- be simple
- json based
- and also needs to handle simple groups etc (which from what I gathered so far , are not handled  all that well by the urdf format)
- multiple parents would be cool , but then again that potentially means more complex data structures (graphs)

- so my questions : 
  * does anybody who have worked with URDF know if it handles part trees as well ? (not clear from the documentation) 
 * are there any other similar efforts already underway that I have missed ? 
 * what are common issues when dealing with these kind of data structures ? 
* any feedback at all is also welcome , thanks !
(If it is all confusing, blame my current cold)
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Oh, right the source code is where they get pulled together. Here is the tester class for the trobot master.

The DHParameterKinematics class uses the Denavit-Hartenberg system to define links. the link ordering is crappy, its semantic to the XML (shame on me) in that the order of the links as they are defined in the xml is the order from base to tip of a chain of D-H links. I need to get around to adding a link order tag to that thing...

The link section is the mapping between the physical system and engineering units. It also specifies the limitations in the physical systems units, this is because the physical limitations should be absolute to the physical layer, since zeroing of the engineering units can mess with the limits, the limits are therefore implemented in the layer below. 

The D-H parameters are properties of links, since links can be arranged in non-d-h definable systems. There are a few complex linkage kinematics implementations that do not use d-h definitions. The AbstractKinematics engine is one where the user can define arbitrary f-k and i-k implementations, and handles the wrapping of links in engineering units, the event system of conversions back and forth, interacting with the links, and even task-space path planning. see the enclosing directory for the link implementations.

I apologize for the lack of formal documentation on the AbstractKinematics system and D-H implementations, it is very new and a big project to migrate to open source quickly. I am willing to offer personal assistance implementing it with new users if you help with documenting as we go ;) (ill help anyway)

Documentation of the core Bowler Platform can be found here and some additional code examples on the new documentation site we are tryign to migrate over to:

The hexapod was an early prototype and needs to be migrated over to the full LinkEngine system. It is more a rough draft of multi-kinematics-chain systems. It has a generated 5 down, one up smooth walk engine that will take any arbitrarily defined hexapod kinematics file. It uses the DyIO to coordination motion between all the servos for real time synchronization, and all kinematics takes place at the Java level. 
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Mark Moissette (ckaos)

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reading lots and lots of pro immutability articles (seems to be a trend these days), and I still go "meh", both mutable & immutable objects have their advantages ( and as some people say, mutable behavior is closer to how we perceive the real world, so easier to model & understand).

What am I missing ?
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I will also note that immutability ties closely to the more functional styles of programming, and as more concurrent distributed systems are built on functional style languages that have come out recently I see immutability being a core concept for teams working in that space.
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Lots more progress on aquaponics setup !
- box corners printed
- box edges assembled
- drain system modeled ( a heavilly modified fork of   +Vik Olliver 's Hydroponic drain)
- drain system printed and put into place (testing for now)
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+Reza Issany c'est open source comme d'hab :D

+Jason Ray no need to be , I am applying the same principles as you " less projects, more progress on the projects that are left"
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Mark Moissette (ckaos)

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finally !
All the font files (TTF's) served by Google Fonts are now on GitHub: - hooray for open source!
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Given all the issues with licences for 3d printed files, this is a very important proposal/draft , please let your voice be heard about this !
RFC: Help us draft a 3D Printing license that fits today's world of sharing inventions. Comment here: #3DPL
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Very interesting non electric, non electronics hydroponics grow system with 3d printed parts

Will likely build a small version to see .

Sadly some aspects of it (not the design itself, taking a closer look before I make up my mind) are just off:
- "open source" but you have to register  to their mailing list first
- "open source" but they mention having "defensive patents"
- "open source" BUT CC non commercial...( I am always torn about this last one, so less important).

CC +Nils Hitze +Jason Ray 
How to assemble the Food Rising Mini-Farm Float Valve
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+Jason Ray for the downloads, I signed up to his "newsletter" or whatever and the files are downloading fine (edit : had to refresh the browser a few times before it acknowledged my "signing up")
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Pond liner cut (for water proofing)
Media guard (prevent clay pellets from obstructing the way to the outflow) modelled and printed !
Almost there !
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The more I write Javascript , the more I love Python ...
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Hey +Miguel Sánchez,  at least I did not say I love a snake like +Mark Moissette did.
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Hi folks !
Usability question , when adding notes to parts  , if you have multiple instances(linked copies) of the SAME part, what would you expect from a note added to one instance:
17 votes  -  votes visible to Public
note is applied to all instances
note applied only to instance you edit
have the choice to add to single/all ins
something else (plz add comment)
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+Mark Moissette yep wasn't clear. Actually, Tom said it better than me I think.
I was just saying that when you attach a label to clones, you could, well, keep it attached to all the instances (one for all, duplicated just as the geometry itself is duplicated). It makes sense since they are instances of a same design.
Then, only once you start re-defining it for an instance you could detach the label (again idem with geometry).  Hope it makes sense.
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Have him in circles
923 people
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