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Filament questions again if you do not mind  :) (all questions for 1.75 mm)
- for a group of 3D printing beginners  (10 people ) : cheap filament first or good quality first ( by first I mean, as their first roll ) . Personally I would go with VERY high quality to avoid headaches from the get go, but not too sure.
- did anyone try the filament from igo3D ? if so , any good  ?
- same question for white  "dutch pla" from ReprapWorld (

Thanks !
cc +Jason Ray  as you seem to have good feedback about reprapworld filament
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I've had no problems with filament from RepRapWorld, but I totally agree with your assessment about going with high quality for first timers. Make sure to let them know that setbacks like clogs and exploding hotends ;-) are the best learning experiences and will only help them grow, so they should enjoy the repair process that comes after they encounter those things, cause they WILL happen.

BUT....... You want their first experiences printing to be remarkable and memorable so they keep at it and also spread the word on RepRap and Open Source 3d printing. So although it may be costly but if you are truly dealing with absolute beginners I'd send a nice email to Clare over @ FaberDashery and let her know your cause and what your doing to see if you can negotiate a nice package deal.

Look, I LOVE Colorfabb, and reprapworld but IMHO nothing comes close to Faberdashery stuff.

I also trust this is the right route because this is what +nop head included in my Mendel90 kit, and if there's one persons' opinion to trust it's his I'd say.
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Mark Moissette

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After a few mini prototypes, we have a snug yet smooth fit !

Very annoyed about the failed print of the motor mountvproto : filament spool got weirdly stuck...
Also mounting of motors might get really tricky ( see last two pics). I can see a few workarounds but nonr of them too good....
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Mark Moissette

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More work done on 3DR Reprap variant : totally originally calling it
"3DR-T" (for T-Slot)
A few tweaks, a few test prints and we are go !
Also experimented with a few interesting (at least I think so), object oriented/ coding style tricks that I will share later.
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+Jeremie Francois that is very cool !  Hiking on the Canaries' mountain is so  nice ( we went there a few years back), sounds like you had some fun :)

about Fabcon , Germany etc, the situation is ermm "chaotic" ( "le gros bordel" to put it simply)
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Mark Moissette

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So...I am trying to "write down" some of my recent observations/notes , after some prototyping in #coffeescad   in a more structured manner : 
Not sure if this is the best place, but would LOVE to get some discussions started:
What you will find in these drawings:
- notes about OOD (object oriented design) & boolean operations :
the way it is currently done in coffeescad is actually absurd :

 cube.union( sphere) should NOT modify the cube instance, but return a new instance : since you could still do cube.height  = xx afterwards, which makes no sens whatsoever, since after the boolean operation, it is NOT a cube anymore ...

- next images are thought about the hierarchy of shapes and the notion of more complex shapes being the result of a graph of operations + shapes

- the idea is/ would be to allow users to go "back" (climb the graph/whatever you want to call it) visually to edit previous nodes in the graph , to change the resulting shape.
Of course we already do this all the time in code,  but perhaps a graph view + this type of editing could help those less code oriented etc

- also laying things out like this will hopefully help me clean up the mess of current code :)
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+Howard C. Shaw III  very interesting inputs !  Much appreciated !
I have a longer reply coming up, sorry for the delay :)
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Mark Moissette

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Hi folks !
Any hobbed bolt recommendations ? (before you ask, no, home made is not acceptable, been there , done that)
 For 1.75 mm ,  Bowden feed, Wade's derivative ( Richrap's 3DR variant).

 For my other Repraps I am using a few Hyena V2.0 from
( ), but I have seen a lot of debate over the teething. 
Also , since long M3 bolts etc are hard to come by around these parts, and we are now building 10( !) 3DR , I was thinking of buying this kind of pack :

Thanks for any feedback !
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I have the one you linked in your original post.  I haven't used it yet as I figured out what I was doing wrong with my Alibaba express hobbled bolt and its been trucking along since.
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Mark Moissette

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Wowzers ! I am surprised, but even with an awkward "sideways" screwdriver method, the motor mount actually works! (first picture)
I see a few possible solutions on how to improve things:
1- leave it as it is : not perfect , but it works (also , this will not be an issue with the two other motor mount bolts, as there will be no Tslots on the sides there)

2- (second pic) modify the design with a hole along the whole length, so the bolts can be screwed in with a "straight" screwdriver, since the diameter would be rather small , not too much risk in weakening the part

3-(third pic) add a lateral hole, so that a Hex Key/Allen key ("L-shaped") can be used to mount the bolts: this is trivial, BUT would prevent easy adjustment once the lateral T-Slots are mounted (iffy)

4- Modify the whole design, so that the lateral T-Slots are mounted further towards the center (starting on the same plane as the motor mount) , leaving more room for the bolts mounting.
This my least favorite  because it add a lot of plastic for very little gain, forces the extension of the latteral mount "arms" even more, and it means a reprint of the top parts I already have too (as all the lateral T-Slots need to be the same length)

Any ideas ?
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+Jason Ray  confession : me too :D
(once proto is a-ok, time to print the 10 or so other machines like it XD)
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Mark Moissette

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Yikes ! Design done and printed but a bit too tigh, and I hammered so hard it broke...
Tweaking time !
(Also how the heck do I get it off gently ...hmm)
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+Gina Häußge  disturbing, or crazy "fun" :)

+Whosa whatsis there is a fine line between "insert smoothly" , "too bloody loose" and "oh , ye gads that is too tight" :)
 there is a mounting hole /system for these parts btw , and what did give issues is the slightly "fatter" first layer (yeah yeah I know in an ideal world the first layer should not be too squished)
Confession: I have no files, but plenty of sandpaper , and I usually design parts to I do not need either.

+Matt Connelly Hi Matt! been a while :) ( saw you have been busy though ;)
Yeah, I love this "proto orange" so much I recently brought an extra roll just for fear of running out of it ;)

You are right I had the tolerances way too low, and with so many faces, it has been hard to get right : a square "peg" seems to work quite well too .
(I have an update on all this in an upcoming post)

+Stephanie Shaltes I meant to have both actually :) (There is a mounting hole for a bolt already included in the design, but I frankly hate parts that move all over the place too easilly until they are tightened down)

+Jeremie Francois good idea :) Will try that , should the problem come again, but as you said "it was already broken" so I opted for the not so gentle method :D
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Mark Moissette

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Yeah ! Got some work done on custom 3DR reprap ( t-slots for sides).
Designed in Coffeescad (the old/ current version).
Will release the files once finished.

Edit aargh ! why can't I add some photos after the fact, G+ ??
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+Miguel Sánchez thanks :) But I wanted to do some designing , and I needed to keep the dimentions identical to the 3DR as all the other parts are already printed :)
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Mark Moissette

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Just for fun, some easy and relaxing coding  dimensioned drawing utilities for #coffeescad  done a bit back (still not physically fit for anything serious, just wanted some pretty pictures )
Inspired by the fantastic work done here:
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I should have seid bent leaders perhaps. I'm referring to the short horizontal line attached to the balloon before the leader points to the object.
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Mark Moissette

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Yadda yadda, a quick vid of some CoffeeScad features and whatnot, featuring horrible UI styling and colors , etc : you know the drill, still a protototype etc.
 - code generation (on the fly , more or less) from visual editing
- some basic editing
- stl import + imported mesh booleans
- wonderful databiding everywhere !
- bugs which I have never seen..
- some pieces of RichRaps's 3DR ! (I am doing a modded version of the 3DR with this version of coffeescad, hence why).
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+Jonathan Sorensen thanks ! But credit where credit is due : I am just using a modified control from Three.js (these are not the final controls btw)

+Andreas Thorn actually that is THE main thing I am trying to figure out : right now it is purely undo/redo : but since I want users to be able to edit was previously done in an objects transform stack, being able to modify the attributes of an operation would make more sense.

Linear undo redo is fine, but really, a graph based editing system would be better.
I also have the notion (simplified here for clarity), that if for example you "double click" on a shape that is a result of a boolean operation , you can edit the operands on screen .

I am also doing this in order to have a better parallel between code and visuals: if you edit something like the above , you are essentially entering a specific classes/function's "scope" in code terms.
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