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This is absolutely true. Admittedly I may be a bit biased but the reading experience on dedicated readers is far better than tablets for immersive reading.

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This is probably the best "5 Minutes on the Verge" (5MoTV?) yet. Great interview with +Anand Shimpi

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Good article about what went on behind the scenes during the creation of The Verge. Hope the attention to presentation (news technology?) branches out beyond tech-focused news. The "story stream" feature, for instance, is elegantly presented and incredibly powerful - could see it being especially useful in coverage of the 2012 elections, for example.

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Automated sentiment analysis is a tricky thing... via

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Ambitious R&D is way underrated.

So I picked up the Steve Jobs bio. Not entirely sure why since 90% of it has seemingly been posted online already as "excerpts"...

2011 was not a good year to be a dictator.

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Couldn't have asked for a nicer day or a better outcome! CC Stephen Russell
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Sad day for tech. Been reading a bunch of obits over the last few hours. Not helping my productivity (not like it's a good day for pitching anyways) but it's hard to avoid them. Enjoyed BLam's (, Levy's ( and Mossberg's ( quite a bit.

One of the recurring themes is the idea of "who's next?" which is something I've been thinking about a bunch about over the past few months (albeit indirectly). Tech has changed a great deal since Apple was founded in Steve's garage. The tech world is so platform and app centric now that even if you were to create a stunning OS you still face the considerable hurdle of winning over consumers without developers (or vice-versa). Even companies with a history like Palm couldn't pull it off. What chance would three kids in a garage have?

Maybe I'm wrong.

I hope I am.

Do you know who's next?
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