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David Li

It's always nice to see other students using and recommending Anaconda here.

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SymPy Website: Features Page
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"Features" page for SymPy (WIP)

- Dropdown categories
- Links to Live and Gamma for examples
- Main page now has a "Why SymPy" section instead

Other ideas:

- Link to demonstration IPython notebooks
- Include some images: example graphs, LaTeX printing, geometry examples...
- ???

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SymPy Live with Portable Native Client (Chrome 31+ only). Takes a couple minutes to load (downloading a 3MB exe and the 70MB Python stdlib), please be patient.


- No login
- Only LaTeX formatter
- No tab completion

This is based on the Python build in NaClports, modified to run a Python script from a URL rather than starting an interactive interpreter session.

Communicating with the Python process is a bit tricky, because we only have stdin/stdout. PNaCl includes an API to allow IPC, though, so we could potentially bind the necessary C functions to Python.

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Google now has a Native Client Python 3 port as well.

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Fixed the Unicode issue with Python too. (Forgot to use Unicode strings, oops.)

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With pure-Python unicodedata module SymPy is functional under Portable Native Client! I haven't yet tried running tests (it requires subprocess, which isn't available). The terminal used here doesn't support Unicode, either (or maybe it's an issue with the build?)
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