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Jens Rantil
Swedish/English; Developer, mathematician/engineer, traveller, nerd, left handed, juggler, guitarist, african drum player. Inspired Swede.
Swedish/English; Developer, mathematician/engineer, traveller, nerd, left handed, juggler, guitarist, african drum player. Inspired Swede.

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Just put together an minimalistic reverse HTTP proxy that makes it possible to expose an Amazon S3 bucket using Basic Auth. Maybe useful to someone don't know.

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Just put together an authenticating reverse HTTP proxy server that requires a Yubikey OTP (plus username and password) to proxy upstream. Useful to front all those infrastructure components that shouldn't be exposed directly to the web.

In case someone is curious I just updated my +Quora​​ answer on "What are the best-kept secrets of great programmers?" Have been receiving great responses so far.

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Just put together a tiny application that pings HTTP endpoints and pushes the summaries to Graphite/Carbon. Maybe useful to someone else one day don't know.

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Cool. My @Quora answer on "Best kept secrets of great programmers" just got featured on Forbes. ...but I'm no great programmer... 😋

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Ship Collision!: Kan tänka mig att +Niklas Emond​ hade gillat denna.

+Olle E Johansson +Andreas Olsson Missade tyvärr eventet igår - fick lite oplanerat spendera kvällen på datacenter och ta hand om maskiner och switchar. Hoppas att ni hade det trevligt!

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New blog post: How to (partially) declassify NSA documents

Post has attachment Intressant och förmodligen något Mikael Forsgren borde känna till ;)

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The Fappening - Who was at fault? Everybody, especially the NSA. New column on Privacy News.

It’s now been 48 hours since the biggest leak of private nude photos of celebrities in history, an event dubbed “The Fappening”. Details are starting to appear about what had happened. At the same time, some are demanding blood and wanting to know “whose fault” this was. It’s more complex than that.

Victim-blaming, even partially, is not something you should ever do lightly. At the same time, lack of basic security practices does have real-world implications. If you’re reckless with the PIN number to your ATM card, the fault is placed squarely on your shoulders and yours alone if somebody uses your ATM card with your PIN – even if the theft is solidly illegal, and a police report can be filed, it’s still considered your fault that it happened. We need to come to a similar understanding with sloppy protection of private data, while at the same time holding corporations liable who don’t take responsibility for private data entrusted to them.

Information hygiene – awareness of how you store and transmit your data – is not something that can be ignored anymore. It’s mandatory. In some areas, it’s literally a survival skill. At the same time, media keeps ignoring these fundamentals of security: at the end of the day, it’s remarkably disheartening that a catastrophic privacy leak only gets the media attention it deserves if somebody is masturbating to it.
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