Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) are essential for the competitiveness of building products: for tender offers, supplier evaluation, as a service to #architects and #planners and for the #building certification process.

This webinar replay makes you familiar with the advantages and capabilities that EPDs offer.
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#ICDLI  - the International Committee of the Decorative Laminates Industry – has just published its #EPD on Decorative High-Pressure #Laminates.
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The new #EPD standard #15804 will ensure that comparable #environmental information is generated wherever a product is manufactured or used and it is hoped that this core information can be transferred from scheme to scheme across Europe, minimizing barriers to trade.
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#Environmental #Product #Declarations ( #EPD ) according to #ISO #14025 support companies in proving their responsibility for providing relevant product related environmental information. Find out more
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InterfaceFLOR's new #EPD is based on an #ISO 14025-compliant methodology from #GUT, the #environmental association for the #carpet industry, and has been validated by #IBU, the institute for #sustainability for the #construction #industry.
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Building products manufacturers increasingly use LCA based information for their environmental communication. Check out the whitepaper!
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Some important #Environmental #Product #Declarations examples by #Austrian #industry representatives were shown at the #EPD Event and can be read and download here.
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This webinar makes you familiar with the advantages and capabilities #Environmental #Product #Declarations are offering. It will be presentes how you can create EPDs according to the new European Standard #EN15804.
Join our free webinar!

European Webinar: Thursday, 4th July 2012, 11am – 12am CET

North American Webinar: Thursday, 12th July 2012, 2pm – 3pm EDT
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Demand for #Environmental #Product #Declarations ( #EPD s) among Turkish building manufacturers is in evidance as Turk #Ytong and several other leading producers demonstrate their commitment to responsible production and products.
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Contact Information
Contact info
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Environmental Product Declarations according to ISO 14025 support companies in proving their responsibility for providing relevant product related environmental information.
Environmental Product Declarations according to ISO 14025 support companies in proving their responsibility for providing relevant product related environmental information.

Looking for a way to communicate your product’s environmental profile to your clients - unbiased and verified? Want to learn more about your product’s environmental impacts to identify efficient eco-design options

Environmental Product Declarations - a international format

An Environmental Product Declaration is externally verified and in a uniform and internationally recognized format. More and more demanded by architects and planners, it can directly be used in sustainable building design tools, e.g. to carry out a building Life Cycle Assessment.

PE supports you

  • to identify the relevant Environmental Product Declaration systems for your market
  • to carry out your Environmental Product Declaration project

We perform a thorough environmental analysis of your product (LCA) which you can use for internal environmentally conscious product development. PE is a “one-stop-EPD shop”, no matter what Environmental Product Declaration system: the German IBU declaration, the French FDES declaration, the UK BRE Environmental Profile declaration or the latest member of the Environmental Product Declaration family the European ECO declaration.

Identify potentials with Environmental Product Declarations

Besides the product declaration itself, an Environmental Product Declaration project with PE INTERNATIONAL provides you a thorough insight into and a “big picture view” on your product – from cradle to grave -  to identify your product’s potentials.

Our Service & Solution

We offer support in creating Environmental Product Declarations for your products. With more than 140 completed Environmental Product Declarations PE INTERNATIONAL is leader on the German market.

PE guaranties highest quality due to an internal EPD-quality management and a standardized approach. PE provides decision-making aid for sustainable product development with customized tools (e.g. life-cycle based eco-design tools based on GaBi i-report).

Software Tool - Environmental Product Declaration

GaBi Software is the universal Life Cycle Assessment tool. Ökobau.dat is the German construction material LCA database used for DGNB certificates. This database contains over 650 datasets of materials, construction and transport processes. Ökobau.dat is recommended  and published by the German Ministry for Transport, Building and Urban Development.

Your Benefits

Display environmental performance of construction materials with a quantitative analysis.

Analysis provides information basis for sustainability certification of buildings.

Adding the created LCA datasets to the recognized LCA database Ökobau.dat.

Improve your internal and external environmental communication with reliable information, e.g. supporting marketing activities and communication with stakeholder.

EPD are suited as evidence for environmental requests in case of public procurement.