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Thank you from Marcia...
Thank you all so much for your love and support. Rodney’s blog will remain online but there will no new posts or further comments on this blog. Sharing so much with you has meant so much to us both. Love and blessings, Marcia.

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It is
never easy to write a good-bye letter even when you know when you are
expected to leave. When you don’t, it becomes almost impossible. I
would compare this to letters between spouses written during the war:
the desire to be upbeat and so present a che...

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A River Trip
On the basis that most of you will never have seen the River Dart, Roger and I thought it would e rather fun to take you on a boat trip down to the mouth of the river and then back as far as the Higher Ferry. We are now in the mouth of the river looking bac...

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Writer's Block
normal circumstances I know what I am going to write about for the
Friday blog by Thursday evening at the latest. Indeed, in many cases
The blog itself is written on the Thursday. Then
we have the exceptions: the days when I just have to hope that

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Novelists at literary ffestivals
once gave a talk at the Porlock Literary Festival and a reader who
lives on Exmoor emailed me earlier this week telling me, amongst
other things, that she had attended that festival. Marcia at the Porlock Literary Festival. Ways
With Words is the ann...

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The Cloud of unknowing.
jolly nearly didn’t have a blog this week. I
am extremely cross with myself, but the other morning, Wednesday, on
my way to the bathroom for the first time that day, I completely lost
balance. In trying to regain it I managed to crash into one door

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Trees - what is it about them? They really are fantastic although I suspect that being a tree can be quite boring sometimes.

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More ramblings from Rodney
continue to brood on Mili’s question. After a while you realise
that there is no precise centre in any society for any activity. Trees this week - just some rather nice trees. If I have usedd these before, I apologise. A
simple answer when thinking about ...

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Pondering on the imponderable questions of life and holding my hand up in shame for a monumental blunder.

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It all depends on what you mean . . .
A few days ago I received an email from one of
Marcia’s earliest readers who ran an on-line chat room about her
books: Mili Arroya. In it she included the following paragraph. Since you enjoy (as I do)
challenging questions, or at least those that even thou...
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