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Wish I was there #millionmanmarch #justiceorelse
2.48 pm 10/10/2015

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Bernie Sanders: Just Another 'Sit Down, Shut up or Get Out' Candidate

If you you look long enough at a bad situation you will usually be able to find something good that will result from it. I guess that is the case for Bernie Sanders' campaign. Even though he turns out out rabid 'Sandernistas' on social media that will attack anyone that even questions his dogma he will not be the winner of the democratic nomination. Is that a bad thing?  Yes, it demonstrates how dysfunctional our democracy is in America.  Is there something good about it? Yes,  Bernie has shown himself to be surrounded by less than competent people  and the fact that he is vulnerable to their bad advice and actions demonstrates that you don't want him and his 'Sandernistas' as leaders of the free world.

Even though he later said that is was a mistake by a low level staffer here is what happened when someone had the audacity to have a sign that raised a question at a Bernie rally:

But staffers working for a candidate widely viewed as one of the most progressive members of the Senate were apparently not happy. Security was made aware of a threat: Some students who support Sanders were holding a sign with a question on it. A tactic right out of the Bush campaign “playbook” went into action.

“They told us to either put the sign away or leave,” said Sana Hashmani, one of the student activists. “We asked why, and they said that Bernie’s campaign staff had said the sign had to go.”

end quote:

And if you think that it was just the 'low level staffer' that has a problem understanding dissent then listen to how Bernie handled the Palestinian question at one of his events.

After seeing how he handled the issue there I will not be voting for him.

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Is a 2009 Israeli/Palestinian/American documentary film directed by Julia Bacha.

Budrus [is] a documentary by Julia Bacha that examines one West Bank town’s reaction to Israel’s construction of the security barrier. The town, with a population of 1,500, was set to be divided and encircled by the barrier, losing 300 acres of land and 3,000 olive trees. These trees were not only critical for economic survival but also sacred to the town’s intergenerational history. The film tells the story of Ayed Morrar, a Palestinian whose work for Fatah had led to five detentions in Israeli jails, but whose momentous strategic decision that the barrier would be best opposed by nonviolent resistance had far-reaching ramifications.

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a child from the rocket launching  from israel ..... u see this child 

if u have one piece of humanity in u just one lil piece of humanity u would stand up for palestine 

because u dont have to be a muslim to support palestine u only have to be a human !

and after alllllll of this murdering for palestine ppl  someone comes and support israle ...r u even a human ..............


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So I guess when someone is ready to die for their freedom and basic human rights, might as well give them what the want i.e.death ...oh yeah and their whole village along with them

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Israel's massacre passes 1000 dead civilians. As I'm posting this, Israel wiped out 20 members of 1 family in an airstrike.. Sitting to celebrate Eid holiday. Imagine every member of your family wiped out. Who's the terrorist!?! What would you do if Israel wiped out 20 members of your family. Or 8 of your
Children playing on the beach.
#gazaunderattack   #prayforgaza   #gaza   #gazaunderfire  
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